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Winter 2012 Anime Season

Winter 2012 anime season chart. Reposted from neregate
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Initial: 2012/12/23

Overall a mediocre season with no killer series for me; I’m personally looking forward more to the movies than any series:

  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alterative Two: I’m tempted to try watching the origial Milky Holmes purely because of this video but I know I won’t enjoy it:
  • AKB0048 Next stage: I thought they were done with that crap… seriously!?!?
  • Ore no Nanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru: Light novel adaption of a comedy-romance story. Could either turn out well done or turn into a complete plotless moe fanservice-fest. Will most likely be the latter ; /
  • Minami-ke Tadaima: Moar Minami-ke! \o/
  • Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children: Sci-fi spin-off of Zettai Karen Children. Could be interesting, always a fan of sci-fis as long as they aren’t ridden with plot-holes and convenient science
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: More bouncing Meat, probably. Hope it doesn’t turn into a plotless fanservice sequel but I don’t have high hopes
  • Hetalia: The Beautiful World: Holy crap, its still going?
  • Da Capo III: I should probably get around to catching up with watching the first two seasons + OVAs; I assume this is yet another adaption of the latest Da Capo VN
  • Tamako Market: Apparently KyoAni’s next K-ON. Going to avoid, even the premise sounds like a poor excuse to produce the next moe-blob series
  • Vividred Operation: Sci-fi from A-1 Pictures, original story too. Staffing worked on Strike Witches though, so lets hope they focus more on story than fanservice
  • Love Live! School idol project: This franchise started a few years ago and the premise sounded quite novel; interested in seeing how this will turn out (or if it’ll just be another Idolmaster/AKB48 low-budget anime project)
  • Train Hero: When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be an anime adaption of Train Man (Densha Otoko) but was quite disappointed ; / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Densha_Otoko
  • Jigoku Youchien (OVA): lol, that description
  • Carnival Phantasm (OVA): My BD box has already been pre-ordered ; 3
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (short film): Nice extra to watch
  • Ao no Exorcist (Movie): Haven’t watched the series yet (just saw one episode and knew I’d like it) so will try and start with the movie
  • Nekomonogatari (Kuro) (Movie): Yes.
  • Kizumonogatari (Movies): Even more yes. That vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade is gonna be my Arcueid V2 ; 3
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki (Movie): Moar Biribiri in Academy City \o/


Update: 2013/01/13

Update on the Winter 2013 anime season:

  • Da Capo III: Never watched any of the old DC seasons (only on OVA) but I’ve heard they’re pretty good, so might as well start. Kinda looks like a typical comedy/harem love story though, but at least the animation quality is decent
  • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: The world seen from the eyes of a hikimori. Amazing. All kinds of awesome anime mashed into one. NHK ni Youkoso x FLCL x Bakemonogatari x Haruhi x Denpa Onna. Artwork/animation top notch as well
  • Vividred Operation: Strike Witches x Mahou Shoujo, (Mai-Otome style?). Extremely cliche’d storyline; “only YOU can save the world with this NEW technological powers I bestow on you!” A bit too much pantsu though, I hope at least the sci-fi aspects will make up for it
  • Tamako Market: K-ON! in the setting of a family restaurant. Incredibly uninteresting. I gave it a chance, but moeblobs just don’t interest me. Dropped.
  • Senran Kagura: I admit, I watched it only for the character designs (Katsuragi’s design vaguely reminds me of Satellizer). Its kinda like Sekerei, hope it has enough plot amidst all the fanservice
  • Love Live! School Idol Project: Due to the nature of how the project was formed, I was hoping it’d be different from Idolm@ster or AKB0048. Nope. Dropped.
  • Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED: Sci-fi action shonen anime. Not sure what to make of it just yet, we’ll see if it turns out interesting (or just another CODE;BREAKER)
  • Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai: NEXT: As expected more Meat. I’m really rapidly losing faith in the anime industry…
  • Hakkenden – Touhou Hakken Ibun: Boys with magical powers and talking familiars fighting monsters. Pure shonen. I watched this because it had “Touhou” in its name, but was disappointed (expectedly).
  • Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman: Lupin (kinda). Not as lively characters though, but following episodes will tell.


Update: 2013/01/19
  • Vividred Operations: Dropped. Plot looking just as bad as Senki Zesshou Symphogear (which at least had some interesting music technology stuff).
  • Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman: The Lupin III art style is too stron to say no to. The stories and character personalities aren’t anywhere as good though, oh well.
  • Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: Riku not a megane anymore *sniff sniff* Forcing myself to watch it through due to my completionist-complex.
  • Da Capo III: Have yet to find it interesting, but I’m still hoping it’ll live up to its franchaise popularity (coming from a person who has zero interest in VNs but has heard the name frequently enough to take note of DC)
  • Kotoura-san: Like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, this season’s unexpected gem. Predicting to be a future favourite.
  • Minami-ke Tadaima: Its like wide-face (Hidamari Sketch). Following mostly due to completionist-complex, but it’s not bad
  • Sasami-san@Ganbaranai: God-tier. GAINAX, WHY THE FK DIDN’T YOU PICK THIS UP? Though I will admit I think Shaft’s art style (despite the Shaft’d opening) better suits this than that of GAINAX’s (on a side note, wtf is GAINAX doing this season anyway?)
  • Senran Kagura: I’ll admit, I’m only watching this because of Katsuragi’s character design. I’m a sucker for long haired blondes with playful personalities.

So I’ve discovered that I’m actually kinda liking Kotoura-san (although I’m attributing 90% of this to the epic episode 1). Unfortunately it’s turning out to be more of a slice-of-life love comedy than the interesting premise from EP1, but we’ll see.

On an unrelated note, that EP6 ending…

Loop it!

Miku ver


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