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Latest figure reviews, Dollfie Dream photoshoots, anime season thoughts, and other anime-related rants.
I’m a pretty hardcore TYPE-MOON otaku and old-school Gundam fanboy so you’ll see plenty of both here.
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Moving into the new place

So right after my Japan trip I actually had to start packing to move to a new place. The bad news was that I had some heavy Detolfs and a few hundred figures to box up and move. The good news was that the new place was right across the street and much bigger (aka more display space!) Here’s some pictures I took of the process. Still not completely done tidying up my new place yet (let alone finish unpacking all the figures), so expect a more organized, complete “room tour” blog post down the road. One last photo of …

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Arcueid Brunestud V0 Custom Dollfie Dream

So a while back before I left for my Japan trip, I decided on whim to try to create a custom Dollfie Dream. Intro: Before, I really didn’t have much interest in DDs. To me, they were just really big and expensive dolls, kinda like large figmas but with clothing. Apart from my TYPE-MOON collection, I mainly only collect gunpla (because I’m a huge Gundam fanboy and like building stuff) and PVC figures (because the artistic side of my strongly appreciates the sculpting). That was until I came across this unknown image: . Being a huge Arcueid fan (Arc is …

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Dollfie Dream at Tenshi no Sato

See Flickr for the complete photo set For photos of Tenshi no Sato, see my previous post Tenshi no Sato (aka “Angel’s Den”) is the heaven for Volks doll owners (website). Located in Kyoto a short walk away from the JR Saga-Arashiyama station, it is a facility dedicated for allowing doll owners and their dolls to com and relax (and take pictures of course). 3,917 total views, 2 views today

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Summer 2013 Anime Season

Summer 2013 anime season chart. Reposted from neregate See MyAnimeList for my list of watching/completed anime. Check out AnimeCalendar for a nifty tool to keep up-to-date with airing anime. 5,990 total views, no views today

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Neco-Arc ~Deka Ver~ Nendoroid Plus (GSC)

This one really doesn’t have a story behind it… I saw, I bought, I conqueuered (yay for Mandarake). I’ve been trying to collect every single Neco-Arc figure and this is the second last item before completion (the last illusive item would be the Neco-Arc Chaos counterpart). This figma/action figure is part of Good Smile Company’s rare line of Nendoroid Plus. In this case, it is a huge Neco-Arc made out of wood and with limited mobility. I’m not familiar with the background of when/how this was released, but I do know that it’s quite rare and limited ;3 And so, …

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Loot Backlog (Jan to Apr 2013)

So back in December, I decided to finally break the wait and buy myself the extremely rare Tsukibako box (Tsukihime + PLUS+DISC + Kagetsu Tohya) as a first-year-of-working, year-end bonus. So I started searching Mandarake and Yahoo Auctions Japan. Of course, while I was at it, I decided to order Mahoyo, then order the limited edition Fate/hollow ataraxia, then the limited edition Fate/stay night, then finish up my ヒロユキ TYPE-MOON doujinshi collection, and so forth. By the end of the day, my shopping cart was far more full than I had originally planned, resulting in a huge December loot. This …

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Spring 2013 Anime Season

Spring 2013 anime season chart. Reposted from moetron See MyAnimeList for my list of watching/completed anime. Check out AnimeCalendar for a nifty tool to keep up-to-date with airing anime. 6,137 total views, 1 views today

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Black★Rock Shooter Beast figma + BLK Artbook

So normally I’m not really a fan of the Black Rock Shooter series. I suppose the reason for this is the same reason I’m not all that much of a fan of Hatsune Miku (despite writing a ~15 page report on her[/url]). Back when “Hatsune Miku” gave reactions of, “Who’s that, a new anime character?”, Kagamine Rin and Len hadn’t been born yet, and searching for “VOCALOID” on YouTube yielded less than 100 results, I came across a video on NicoNicoDouga of a Miku song coupled with some pseudo-animated artwork by a Pixiv artist. That video was ryo’s original “Black★Rock …

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Complete TYPE-MOON PC Game Collection

Half a year after I started figure collecting, I have finally completed my TYPE-MOON PC game collection. Well, technically not 100% yet since I highly doubt I’ll ever manage to get my hands on the Tsukihime Preview or Trial Edition floppies. I’m also missing the standard version of Mahouyo (just a different box art and no artbook) and Melty Blood Re-Act -Final Tuned Ver. 2- (I didn’t know there were two versions) but I’ll get them later. Photo missing Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ and Tsukihime PLUS+DISC 5,918 total views, 4 views today

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TYPE-MOON Fes 10th Anniversary BD (Aniplex)

I’ve never written any real product reviews before but seeing as this is a recently released item and I don’t see any English reviews of it out yet, I decided to break that trend. Took out my new Sony DSC-RX100 (so much better than my old crappy phone camera) and took a bunch of photos with the help of Neco-Arc. 4,763 total views, no views today

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