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iPodLinux Podzilla 0 and Podzilla 2 Compiling Environment for Slax

Intro This is the release of podzilla 0 and podzilla 2 compiling libraries packaged as Slax modules. They were created on Slax (KillBill) and can be treated as ordinary Slax modules. The “Compiling Environment” can be uselivemod’d, but the “Toolchain” modules may be too big. For the clueless, Slax is a live Linux distro that can be run from CD, USB or hard-drive – if you’re new to Slax (or Linux or live-CDs), check it out first before even downloading these modules). [Note: Not compatible with Slax 6] The “iPL_Compiling_Environment” module contains the basic libraries needed to compile both …

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Podzilla 2 Compiling Tutorial from Scratch (via Cygwin)

This is ONLY for compiling Podzilla 2 for the iPod on Windows using Cygwin! (ie, this is not for desktop builds!) Note for those with slow internet: Some of the files needed (especially the toolchain) require a long time to download. I suggest you skip right down to the download section and start downloading the necessary files (you shouldn’t download the second toolchain file though) before you continue on. Well, due to much thanks from mike (ichaelmay8), I’ve been able to fully set up a Cygwin compiling environment in Windows XP SP2 without any previous development files. I was able …

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Podzilla2 Halloween Scheme

Well, due to school-related reasons, I haven’t had a chance to release this in time (3 days late ain’t bad…) , but nevertheless, here’s a full Halloween-themed PZ2 scheme, suitable for colour and mono iPods. Here’s some snapshots made by the Jonrelay’s Scheme Editor: There’s two versions for download. The first is an experimental one where the used files are held together in a neatly organized folder. I hope this one works as that would mean future schemes would not need scattered files but rather just contain one scheme file and one folder (similar to how the Rockbox WPS’ work). …

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ZeroNet Alpha Testing!!! Well, after finally getting the podzilla legacy compiling environment set up, big thanks to mundi-my-man, I’ve found time to finally put together the ZeroNet system and make some few starting modules for alpha testing! The system requires a fresh re-installation as it uses a modified userland that has an integrated and fully working advanced-rc system in-place. Best yet, because of these modifications, once the base system installation is done, you’ll (hopefully) never need to touch that linux partition ever again – all module files and dependancies will exist outside in the data/music partition, where its easy access …

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iPod Tools Package – All the programs you’ll ever need

I’ve read me “Help my ipod’s broken!” posts, but the responses sometimes vary, with some suggesting this tool and others suggesting others . In addition, having an iPod nano, I am use to bringing along with me a whole list of portable programs that I run straight from the iPod itself. When I reinstalled my computer a while ago, however, I forgot to back up some of those programs and thus I had to search for and redownload most of them. And so, seeing as I had quite a collection at hand, now I’ve decided to package it up nicely …

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Advanced rc system – looking for help and suggestions

In prep for ZeroNet, I’ve created a more customizable and flexible bootup system. The single file rc startup script meant that customization required editing the single file, and if you screwed up, you’ll have to go from the start. In addition, adding and removing snippets of the script was a hassle. After observing the method used for start files and researching a bit about the Linux bash file, I took the old rc script apart and rearranged it into a series of scripts that can be easily edited. Not only does this allow easy modification to only certain parts of …

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Podzilla2 The Day of the Devil Scheme

Well, today is June 6, 2006. Or, in shorthand, 6/6/06. The Day of the Devil V_V And so I decided to have a little fun and cook up a new Podzilla 2 scheme for y’all. Took a few bloody cross pics I found on Google, Photoshoped em together and resized it all for each png. The original scheme file from which I modified it from were eddie19913’s Sadistic (Red) theme and terrabyte’s Plasma theme. This theme is very similar to eddie’s except with changed graphics. All pngs were converted to a palete of 24 and may have an impact on …

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NOTE! If you are using the newest iPod Updater from the Apple site, you’ll need to downgrade to an older updater! Installer 2 will not work with the newest updater! See the “Bugs” section. This now uses Installer 2 for ease! In addition, if you selected iPodLoader 2 as the bootloader, this also installs Rockbox along with iPodLinux! This may work for other models (its basically the same infrastructure) but I won’t make any guarantees! Some files (such as the iBoy file that is built specifically for the nano) will need to be replaced with the model’s equivalent or changed. …

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