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Japan Trip 2013 – Asakusa

See Flickr for the complete photo set This is the second week now. Break from Akihabara, lets visit some other places. This time around, we visit the Sensoji temple in Asakusa \o/ 2,553 total views, no views today

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Japan Trip 2013 – Akihabara P2/P3 + Roppongi

See Flickr for the complete photo sets Back to Akihabara for more shopping! Like in Akihabara P1, these are just a sample of pictures (see Flickr sets for the rest)… I spent a lot of my time cataloguing each store for my upcoming Akihabara Shopping Guide, so these aren’t as flashy as the first post. 2,376 total views, 1 views today

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Japan Trip 2013 – Nakano Broadway

See Flickr for the complete photo sets Nakano Broadway is a shopping mall right outside the Nakano station and at the end of another long covered mall. It is an otaku shopping heaven as it is also the birthplace of Mandarake, the famous chain of second hand anime goods (“second hand” being stuff like “minor box damages” or “opened once”, not “mysterious sticky stuff all over”). 3,262 total views, no views today

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Japan Trip 2013 – Akihabara P1

So last year right after finishing university, my friends and I decided to go to Japan for our graduation trip. It was a blast and not only did we visit many new places, but it was also when I started down the road of figure collecting journey. This summer, just a bit over a year later, me and two other friends decided to return once again for a two week vacation! 5,118 total views, no views today

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Neco-Arc ~Deka Ver~ Nendoroid Plus (GSC)

This one really doesn’t have a story behind it… I saw, I bought, I conqueuered (yay for Mandarake). I’ve been trying to collect every single Neco-Arc figure and this is the second last item before completion (the last illusive item would be the Neco-Arc Chaos counterpart). This figma/action figure is part of Good Smile Company’s rare line of Nendoroid Plus. In this case, it is a huge Neco-Arc made out of wood and with limited mobility. I’m not familiar with the background of when/how this was released, but I do know that it’s quite rare and limited ;3 And so, …

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Loot Backlog (Jan to Apr 2013)

So back in December, I decided to finally break the wait and buy myself the extremely rare Tsukibako box (Tsukihime + PLUS+DISC + Kagetsu Tohya) as a first-year-of-working, year-end bonus. So I started searching Mandarake and Yahoo Auctions Japan. Of course, while I was at it, I decided to order Mahoyo, then order the limited edition Fate/hollow ataraxia, then the limited edition Fate/stay night, then finish up my ヒロユキ TYPE-MOON doujinshi collection, and so forth. By the end of the day, my shopping cart was far more full than I had originally planned, resulting in a huge December loot. This …

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