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Arcueid Brunestud V1 Custom Dollfie Dream

Could this be the True Ending? Intro A while back, following my second Japan trip, I ventured into the world of Dollfie Dreams and created my very first custom DD, Arcueid V0. It was “V0” because at that time, she was created using only standard/unremarkable parts that you can easily pick up online through web stores or hunt down through eBay/Yahoo Auctions Japan. While Arcueid V0 was pretty good, she wasn’t perfect enough. And so I went on a quest to complete V1. Ideally, V1 would include a custom faceup, custom eyes, more stylized wig, and a proper skirt. A …

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Takuechi Takashi’s Pre-TYPE-MOON Doujinshi

Takeuchi Takashi (武内崇) is a Japanese artist best known as the illustrator and co-founder of TYPE-MOON. In otherwords, he’s the artist behind all the characters from Tsukihime, Fate/stay night, and Kara no Kyoukai (yes, he drew your waifu). But before TYPE-MOON became a commercial company in 2004 with the release of Fate/stay night, TYPE-MOON was a doujin circle. And before TYPE-MOON became a doujin circle in 2000 with the release of Tsukihime, Takeuchi and Nasu were publishing other doujinshis under various circle names, including Bamboo Broom (竹箒) and CoCiCaCe CLUB (腰掛倶楽部). The following are some of the pre-2000 doujinshis drawn …

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Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ Omakes (TYPE-MOON)

NSFW/spoiler warning: This is a review of an 18+ eroge. It contains screenshots of NSFW H scenes (put into spoilers). It also contains game/content spoilers. Included in the Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ CD were a bunch of extra omake material that was later also included in Tsukihime PLUS+DISC (except Clowick Canaan-vail). Each of these are reviewed here separately. CD content/file structure UPDATE 2019/07/10: Upon further inspection of file timestamps and comparing it to release dates, I realized some mistakes (on my part) in this article. Specifically, the following corrections have been made: – “Tsukihime (Preview Edition)” has been corrected to …

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Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ (TYPE-MOON)

NSFW/spoiler warning: This is a review of an 18+ eroge. It contains screenshots of NSFW H-scenes (put into spoilers). It also contains game/content spoilers. Cross-posted on MFC and Beast’s Lair Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ was released at Comiket 58 as the first playable trial of Tsukihime before the completed game, Tsukihime ~Full Moon Edition~, was released. 26,939 total views, 4 views today

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