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Dolpa LA 2015

Last weekend (September 5th), I attended Volks USA’s official Doll Party in LA 2015 event. This was my first time attending a Dolpa event, as well as my first time meeting a large number of DD owners. I had previously attended the BJD-focused Uncanny Dreams 2013 and had a mini-meet at Sakura-con 2014, but that was it. And so, with high expectations and excitement to making new friends, I planned out hotel and scheduling with thebobness, packed up Lily and Arcueid, and hopped on the plane to Los Angeles. Dollfie Dream Team, assemble! Overall, the trip was quite fun and …

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Volks SD Bag + Saddle Stand Type C

So a while back, after adopting the elegant Saber Lily, I went and ordered a Volks SD Carrying Case (Black Diamond) and a Saddle Stand Type C (Metal). The carrying case was so I could carry both my Dollfies in (an upgrade from the thinner CoolCat bag), and the stand was so I could properly pose Saber Lily in the Distant Avalon pose (the plastic DD stand I had worked but was unstable and Saber Lily would easily fall over) Overall, the bag was very nice and spatious and I was able to snuggly fit both my Dollfies in (Saber …

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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Years from Saber Lily and Keripo! Here’s the pics/eyecandy of Saber Lily and OhnoRaptor’s Airy in some festive cosplay outfits (Arcueid V1 still isn’t done yet but should be soon!). Enjoy! ^_^ The dynamic duo! Airy being seductive in a nun outfit (p.s. OhnoRaptors really likes nuns) Saber Lily being reserved in a miko outfit (I have a weak spot for shrine maidens) I could get used to keeping Saber Lily in her miko outfit beside my new desktop ;3 ~Keripo Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157639301865745/ 3,039 total views, no views today

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Saber Lily at Botanic Garden

After my first photoshoot with Saber Lily, I really wanted to take her out for an outdoor photoshoot. So, while the weather was still nice, I brought Lily to a local botanic garden for her very first doll meet, with OhnoRaptor‘s Airy and jadepixel‘s Mariko. Enjoy the photos! ^_^ 5,546 total views, no views today

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Saber Lily DD Photoshoot

For the full Saber Lily DD unboxing and review, see my previous post Saber Lily, the Princess of Knights In between unboxing and putting together Saber Lily (see link above), I took some time to take nice, clean pictures of her in her various outfit. For some of the pictures, I tried to copy various poses from the pamphlet or PVC figures of Saber Lily. For others, OhnoRaptors help out. Here they are, enjoy! Lingerie Outfit Saber Lily, showing off her sexy underwear. Elegant white stockings with patterned frills and a garterbelt strap Not all that much a fan of …

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Saber Lily Dollfie Dream (Volks)

Photo warning: This is a VERY photo heavy review. If you just want to see Saber Lily in her completed outfits, see the photoshoot post While I’m not all that much of a Saber fan (as opposed to most TYPE-MOON collectors), there is one version of Saber that I do really like (purely due to her character design). and that would be Saber Lily. Back when I was thinking about creating a custom Dollfie Dream, I was looking through all the existing Volks DDs and the Saber Lily DD caught my attention. Originally the high price, rarity, and poor official …

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