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The adventures of Keripo and his camera around the world!
Actually mainly just conventions and trips to Japan. Maybe one day I’ll visit Europe too ^_^
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Japan Trip 2014 – Comiket 86 Day 1

See this post for the introduction. After our last day of visiting Kyoto/Osaka, we took the shinkansen back to Tokyo and took a day break in preparation for the main event of the trip: Comiket 86. The calm before the storm: Waiting in line for Tokyo Big Sight to open it’s doors to Comiket 86 goers… For those who aren’t familiar, Comiket (short for ”Comic Market”) is Japan’s oldest and largest doujinshi convention. It is a 3-day event held bi-annually with Summer Comiket happening in mid August and Winter Comiket happening in late December. It has in recent years been …

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Japan Trip 2014 – Nipponbashi + Dotonbori

See this post for the introduction. While going through photos in Lightroom for my recent Sakura-Con 2015 photo blog post, I realized that I actually never finished uploading and writing the rest of my Japan Trip 2014 blog posts… Oops… So here they are, with whatever commentary I can still remember… Better late than never I guess! On the same day we visited the Art of Gundam exhibition, we explored Nipponbashi and Dotonbori. I had visited both places multiple times in the past, so I didn’t end up taking all that many pictures this time around. We meet again, Giant …

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Sakura-Con 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here (I blame ArcheAge), but last, last week was Sakura-Con 2015. Sakura-con is the largest anime convention in the north west, with over 20,000 attendees and held at the Washington State Convention Center (Seattle, Washington) between April 3-5th. I went last yearand took tons of cosplay photos as an attendee, but this year, I decided to attend not only as volunteer staff, but also as a panelist! Since I spent most of my time helping out in the console gaming room (I was part of tournament gaming staff), I was only able …

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Unlimited TYPE-MOON Works

Panel Title: Unlimited TYPE-MOON Works (SC-13) Presenter: Philip Peng (Keripo) Location: Sakura-con 2015, Panel 4 (4C-4) Time: Sunday, April 5th 2015, at 1:45PM – 2:30PM Description: Finished watching this season’s Fate/stay night and craving for more? Or ever wondered why there are so many different Sabers and where they did they all come from? And who is this Nasu guy anyway? Join us for a whirlwind tour of TYPE-MOON’s anime adaptations, games, books, visual novels, and spin-offs. Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime, Fate, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, and everything else to do with the Nasuverse. Downloads – Unlimited TYPE-MOON Works V2.pptx …

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Japan Trip 2014 – Art of Gundam

See this post for the introduction. In case you didn’t know/notice from my previous blog posts, I am a huge Gundam fanboy (to be fair though, I actually don’t blog all that much about Gundam, mainly cause I never find the time to build all those gunpla kits gathering dust). I grew up watching Gundam Wing as an elementary school kid (somehow convinced my parents to ignore all the “Rated T for Teen” warnings) and went on to watch (and enjoy) all the older series from long before I was born. So when I heard about The Art of Gundam …

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Japan Trip 2014 – Tenshi no Sato + Kyoto Station

See this post for the introduction. Continuing on from the Fushimi Inari Shrine visit, I went to meet up with sorrowmoon for a visit to Volk’s Tenshi no Sato. Tenshi no Sato was a dedicated Super Dollfie museum and “den” for Dollfie owners, complete with a Japanese-style garden in back and had always been a must-see for doll owners (reservation required, passport needed for foreigners). I had previously visited the location before and took some of my first Dollfie photography there, but that was before I had completed Arcueid, so this would be Arc’s first photoshoot there. Arcueid posing outside …

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Japan Trip 2014 – Fushimi Inari Shrine

See this post for the introduction. This was the first actual do-stuff day of this Japan trip, and the plan for me was yet another visit to Tenshi no Sato, but this time with my completed Arcueid Dollfie. sorrowmoon had scheduled our visit for the afternoon, so I decided to spent part of the morning with the rest of the group visiting the Fushimi Inari shrine yet again. Arcueid chilling at the Fushimi Inari shrine Japanese breakfast at the ryokan/hotel! Consisting of tofu, fruit bits, cheese balls with some sauce, preserved radish, bowl of tea, some spinnach?, piece of fish, …

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Japan Trip 2014 – Arrival

After visiting Japan the past two years, I’ve decided to return once again this summer. The 2012 trip was right after graduation and my first time being in Japan and, thanks to rigorous planning by my friends, was a full blown tourism trip, with me doing tons of random figure/gunpla shopping and starting my figure collection. The 2013 trip was still partially a tourism trip, but I had money saved up from working for a year and ended up also partially being a shopping trip, buying figures from my wishlist and starting my Dollfie Dream adventures. This third time around, …

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Sakura-Con 2014

Last weekend was Sakura-Con 2014, the biggest anime convention in the north-west. The convention is pretty big with over 25,000 attendees this year and was the biggest I’ve ever been to since Anime Expo 2011. It was also the first time I was attending an anime con with friends also interested in anime (including OhnoRaptors and Tsukikira), which made it a lot more fun since I wasn’t always the only person excited to see stuff. Attended a few of panels, including “A Helpful Guide to Anime Figure Collecting”, “Are We Live? The iDOLMA$TER!”, “Cosplay Skit Contest”, and “Lesbian-Themed Anime”. Spent …

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Akicon 2013

A few weeks ago (Oct 25-27th), I attended Akicon 2013 as my first big anime convention since moving to Washington last year. In the northwest, there are two large anime conventions, Sakura-con and Akicon. I somehow managed to miss both last year, but made sure to attend this year (and plan on attending Sakura-con 2014). 6,341 total views, no views today

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