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igpSP 0.9-2Xb K5 – GameBoy Advance Emulator

After doing source code diffs with Zaphod’s original gpSP port and zacaj’s later port, I did a full and proper re-port of the Exophase’s latest version of gpSP. My build uses iPod-specific code rewritten based on Zaphod’s changes and the iBoy source code and adds many features that can improve usage or offer emulation speed-ups. There are two versions: one with sound and one without sound. It is recommended that you use the binary without sound as it is faster (and sound quality is very choppy anyway). The download also includes the iPod-specific source code, which can be also adapted …

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[April Fools!] Installer 3.0-beta

This was an April Fools joke for April 1, 2008! Thanks for playing along! (For the curious, no Apple did not send any unexpected donations and no 2G/3G nanos and 6G classics have not and will not be hacked for a long time due to reasons outlined here, here and here.) After an unexpected, generous donation from Apple, a few of the core devs obtained a small stash of 2G nanos and 6Gs. Using some of the tools given to them by Apple and with the help of vpgtd, they were able to partially decrypt the iPods and get a …

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tar, bzip2 and zip – Cmd-line archivers ported to iPodLinux

bzip2: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Bzip2-libbz2.a.tar.gz tar: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Tar-libtar.a.tar.gz zip: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Zip.tar.gz Uploads contain iPodLinux-usable binaries and libraries. Compiling instructions are in the descriptions. For more information, search Wikipedia. This should conclude the porting of archiving tools to iPodLinux. Ported list: unzip, unrar, zip, gzip, bzip2, tar (search the forums for the other ports or get them from the ZeroSlackr SVN) See: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Tar_for_iPod and http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Gnutools ~Keripo iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29786 1,031 total views, 1 views today

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Developer vs User Mindsets

When the iPod nano 2G was was released late 2006, the first thing we found out was that the firmware was encrypted. Past generations of iPod had unencrypted firmwares/bootloaders that we were able to more or less dump and reverse engineer and eventually understand enough to port iPodLinux to, but this time around, Apple wasn’t so nice. And so went on a long period where no one had made any progress on the platform. In the meanwhile, a few (misguided) users decided that the best way to hack the encrypted iPod nano 2G would be to try to brute force …

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Keripo Kernel Builds: 2.4.32 loop-mount/iBoy+Loader2AutoExec

http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Vmlinux-2.4.32-iBoy-patches-n-loop-mount-enabled.gz http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:GetLoader2AutoExec.tar.gz These are the files used by ZeroSlackr but should work with any installation. The kernel will work for both partitioned and loop-mount installations (provided that a proper loader.cfg file is present) and is compatible with the latest iBoy. getLoader2AutoExec is a getLoader2Args replacement for the 2.4.32 kernel. For usage, see the file’s descriptions, http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Experimental_Kernel, or the ZeroSlackr Framework’s /boot/loader.cfg file. Have fun. ~Keripo iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29739 1,096 total views, 1 views today

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Podzilla2 Moonlight Scheme

Here’s a nice custom theme I made based pretty much off Black Glass but with a slate colour and custom graphics. The background picture is a modified artwork I commissioned from TheNork a few years back in Kingdom of Loathing and the titlebar was generated by UserBar. I’ve also included the original Photoshop files as well as the original, un-index-reduced pictures. Note that I own the character copywrite for the background image so no usage of it without my explicit permission. The titlebar image comes with whatever license restrictions that UserBar uses (whatever it may be, even if none). To …

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diffutils, bash, ncurses, python (useless cross-compiles)

Just did a bit of cross-compiling without any real aim in mind. diffutils (cmp, diff, diff3, sdiff) – simple configure and make – binaries run in terminal, didn’t bother actually testing on real files bash (bash) – configure with added “–with-gnu-malloc=no” and “void sh_xfree()” as instructed on [[Bash]] – useless port since bash doesn’t use vfork :wink: ncurses – straight cross-compile from latest source code (5.6) – binaries run in terminal – I’ve never used ncurses before so I have no idea how to actually make use of the cross-compile nor how to test it python – cross-compile with “configure” …

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PiCalc – Calculate digits of pi on your iPod

As the title hints, this podzilla2 module uses a cross-compiled pi-agm binary to calculates digits of pi. It uses the terminal module to allow for input. Due to a bug in the terminal module, backspacing will not work (I would link to a trac ticket if trac wasn’t down – if you have the time to fix it, a patch would be greatly welcomed). If you make an input mistake, just exit and re-enter the window and re-input things carefully. Once the calculations are done, pi-agm will exit and the calculated values will be saved in a text file located …

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xmp – Extended Module Player

”xmp.sourceforge.net” wrote: The Extended Module Player, or xmp, is a portable command-line module player for Unix and Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, Solaris, HP-UX and MacOS X, and also QNX, BeOS, Windows, OS/2 and AmigaOS. Xmp plays over 80 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC. I did a simple cross-compile with a few modifications See below for the wiki page and a pre-compiled pz2 module. Select a supported file (see xmp’s official page[/url]) via file browser and xmp will be launched as an external application (requires a nightly pz2 build from the …

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Java-based iPodLinux Package Manager

For my Computer Info Sci culminating project I wrote up a small package manager for “installing” iPL via the loop-mount method. It basically just installs Loader 2 via ipodpatcher and extracts archives to your iPod. Due to its rushed nature (i.e. project to be handed in on Monday) it is far from complete and I won’t even bother listing what else needs to be done/added. For testing purposes, it downloads a packlist from here and installs a minimal ZeroSlackr system (a very old version with outdated components but works for demo purposes). At this stage it doesn’t even differentiate between …

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