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[CABAL2] Into the Maelstrom – Cabal 2 Force Archer Arena PvP

Force Archer arena PvP for Cabal 2 NA open beta, Pegasus server Recorded by Desiree, lvl 40 Force Archer Discussion: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/gameplay-discussion/192373 FA DPS Guide: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/class-discussion/force-archer/126396 Cabal 2: http://cabal2.estgames.com Was listening to Ben Gold’s “Where Life Takes Us” and thought that it might make for decent PvP video BGM, so I decided to throw together some random footage of Maelstrom Castle PvP and make a video out of them.With the current lvl 40 cap, Force Archers are pretty boring (no spike damage, only mediocre sustain) with the main utility being their sleeps (Paralyzing Arrow) and immobilize (Frost Bolt). We do decent …

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[CABAL2] Cabal 2 First PvP Tournament (NA Open Beta)

First PvP Tournament for Cabal 2 NA open beta, Pegasus server Recorded by Desiree, lvl 40 Force Archer Discussion: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/gameplay-discussion/150661-video-cabal-2-first-pvp-tournament-na-open-beta Tournament: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/gameplay-discussion/112778-pvp-tournament Cabal 2: http://cabal2.estgames.com Here’s the video recording of Cabal 2 NA’s first open beta PvP tournament, organized by Shiory of [Onyx] and hosted by Desiree of [Last Resort]. Most of the footage has been sped up to 150-170% speed and trimmed down for time (especially the FS/PR fights). There was a total of 14 participants who showed up and a total of 16 duels. The tournament was single elimination, no items, self-buffs only. Battle Mode (BM) was allowed …

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[CABAL2] Desiree’s Detailed Guide to Force Archer Skills and DPS Rotations

In Cabal 2, Force Archers fill in the role of a traditional ranged damage dealer class. The most important thing about being a damage dealer is our DPS, short for “Damage Per Second”. So what does that mean? Numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers! Desiree, my lvl 40 Force Archer with 1k+ attack on Cabal 2 (NA) Pegasus server The following is a detailed breakdown of each Force Archer skill, comparison of each skill in terms of DPS value, and suggested skill rotations to maximize your damage. Note that this guide does NOT go over which stats to choose and what equipment …

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