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Game History

Gaming is my hobby and I enjoy playing online MMORPGs during my free time.
I’m a semi-hardcore PvPer and theorycrafter (with a focus in medium-scale group PvP) and frequently upload YouTube videos and occasionally Twitch stream.
Here is a partial list of online games that I’ve played over the years.
Who knows, you might just recognize my IGN here or there ^_^

Games below are ordered by importance. All servers are North American unless otherwise noted.
Chronological timeline:
KoL > PWI > FW > DN > Senlyn > GW2 > Tera > AA > Cabal 2 > FGO > BnS > BDO > Rev

Revelation Online (Rev)

September 2016 – Present
Revelation Online website | Revelation Online forums | Revelation Online Reddit
Dulfy’s Guides | Rain Guild’s Guides | Nogaruka Skill Builder | 163’s CN Database
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Description: Open world Chinese MMORPG with a flight system. Extremely similar to PWI and Tera, but with BnS’s art style. Standard healer-tank-DPS trinity. lvl 79 level cap with tier based content (49/59/69/79). Talent-based skill tree. Very gear-based and Pay2win. Lots of fashion (but very traditional-styled).
PvE: Dailies. Level through quests and dungeon runs. Party and raid-sized dungeons which drop gear-crafting mats. You cannot effectively grind to level, so progression is capped on regular daily login.
PvP: Open world flag-based PvP, open world and instanced 30v30 and 50v50 GvG, ranked 3v3 arena, and random/pre-made 10v10/20v20 arenas. 100v100+ castle sieges with an alliance system.

Server: TBA
Characters: Desiree, lvl xx Vanguard
Guild: Last Resort, Wrath
Notes: Was initially planning on leading Last Resort for Revelation Online but due to low turnout, merged guild into Wrath, a newly formed PvP guild with similar interests.

Black Desert Online (BDO)

March 2016 – September 2016
Black Desert Online website | Black Desert Online forums | Black Desert Online Reddit
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Description: Fully open world, sandboxed Korean MMORPG with modern graphics and contextual combat system. No hard level cap but current soft level cap of 60. Gender-locked classes and no dungeons. Very gear-based and huge level advantage. Grind2win. Point-based skill tree. F2P with cash-shop. Dye-able outfits can replace armour looks.
PvE: Quest or grind. Gear does not have level limits, but have slightly varying base stats. Much of the game’s stats are hidden.
PvP: Open world flag-based PvP and in-game GvG system. Upcoming node wars and castle siege systems. No structured arena system.

Server: Edan (NA)
Characters: DesireeNA, lvl 56 Witch
Guild: Kyoukai
Notes: Game graphics are decent but strongly disliked the game’s general UI and many lack of simple UI customizations. Not a fan of the western art style but played solely for the castle siege + open world PvP aspects. Cofounder of Kyoukai and helped PvP lead during the first few months, winning numerous node wars and even a few castle sieges. Quit when Revelation Online NA beta was announced.

Blade & Soul (BnS)

December 2013 – March 2016
Blade & Soul website | Blade & Soul forums | Blade & Soul Reddit
Jian Ling (CN) | Jian Ling (TW)
Blade & Soul Dojo
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Description: Action-based Korean MMORPG with gorgeous graphics and a combo-based twitch combat system. Lvl 45/50 level cap (depending on region). No traditional tank-healer-DPS classes. More skill-based than gear-based. Point-based skill tree. F2P with cash-shop. Aesthetics-only outfits.
PvE: Quest-based leveling. 4/6-man dungeons and 24-man public raids. Cross-server dungeon-party finder. Grind-based gear farming + upgrading system.
PvP: Faction flag-based open world PvP. Elo-based 1v1/3v3 arena structured PvP.

Server: Mushin (NA)
Characters: Desiree, lvl 45 Blade Dancer
Guild: XVIFFJapan
Notes: Played through out closed beta and release up to Silver Mountain patch. Quit due to lack of group PvP content (faction PvP was non-existent on the Mushin server). Very much a daily grind and too PvE-oriented.

Server: 萬夫莫敵 (TW)
Characters: DesireeTW, lvl 50 Blademaster
Guild: Senpai
Notes: Trying out Blademaster in the case that the class is unavailable for North America and checking out newer lvl 45+ content.

Server: 网通一区 / 咆哮寺院 (CN)
Characters: Keripo, lvl 45 Lyn Blademaster
Guild: 17FJapan
Notes: Open-beta testing of the F2P China server. Just some casual exploration of the game in prep for the eventual North American release.

Fate/Grand Order (FGO)

September 2015 – March 2016
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PvE: Dailies. Level through quests and dungeon runs. Party and raid-sized dungeons which drop gear-crafting mats. You cannot effectively grind to level, so progression is capped on regular daily login.
PvP: N/A, unless you count all the unexplainable salt from other F/GO users…

Server: JP
Characters: Keripo
Guild: N/A

Cabal 2

July 2015 – September 2015
Cabal 2 website | Cabal 2 forums
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Cabal 2 forum profile
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Server: Pegasus (Open Beta)
Characters: Desiree, lvl 40 Force Archer (DPS crit build)
Guild: Last Resort
Notes: Following ArcheAge, a handful of us from LR decided to try out the upcoming Cabal 2. This time around I went back to a ranged DPS class and played as a Force Archer (mainly because the Battle Mode with its gun mode looked pretty badass). Unfortunately the game turned out to be very limited in content as we quickly cleared the few dungeons and quests that were available, then spend most of our time dominating 6v6 arenas. I also helped co-host the game’s first community-driven PvP tournament, but other than that, most of my time was spent theorycrafting and writing the Force Archer DPS Guide. Got pretty bored of waiting for content updates and Blade & Soul NA servers were announced so I went and started preparing for that.

ArcheAge (AA)

September 2014 – April 2015
ArcheAge website | ArcheAge forums
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ArcheAge forum profile
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Description: Fully open world, sandboxed Korean MMORPG with traditional tab-targeting combat system. Lvl 55 level cap. Traditional tank-healer-DPS trilogy. Very much gear-based. Change-able class system based on a combination of three point-allocated skill trees.
PvE: Grind-based leveling. 5-man dungeons. Land ownership system, with personalizable houses and boats.
PvP: Open world flag-based PvP, in addition to three general factions (East, West, Pirate). 1v1 and 5v5 kill-count arenas. 70v70 castle-sieges.

Server: Kyrios (PvP)
Characters: Desiree, lvl 55 Firran Blighter (Tank-DPS hybrid)
Guild: RageQuit Inc., Mostly Harmless, Last Resort,
Notes: With ArcheAge featuring open world PvP, I returned to my old PWI handle of Desiree. I initially lead an unofficial RQ guild during launch but due to low activity, I disbanded the guild and joined Mostly Harmless for castle siege. With Mostly Harmless, we were able to claim the Marcala Keep during Auroria launch. Due to the generally carebear nature of the guild, however, I ended up leaving MH and jumping around a bit until I settled in with Last Resort, the PvP guild which I stayed with throughout the rest of my time in AA. While in LR, I spent most of my time open world PvPing as well as occasionally arena PvPing and dungeon tanking as one of the most geared Blighters on the server.

Server: Kyrios (PvP)
Characters: Pantyhose, lvl 50 Nuian Blighter (Tank-DPS hybrid)
Guild: Gank Bus Alliance
Notes: Due to broken castle siege mechanics (we had an incomplete version of the system), it was extremely difficult (if not near impossible) to take a castle as the fight was extremely in the defender’s favour. One of the more serious attempts at winning a castle siege was by the “General Assembly Alliance” (also known as the Gank Bus Alliance and the Shit Can Alliance), which consisted of many smaller West faction PvP guilds (Gank Bus, Chill, Refuge, Catalyst, Lazy Gamers, OPP, The Guardians, etc.) that were at odds with The White Order (TWO) due to faction drama. Since LR was technically allied with Gank Bus (despite being on opposite faction sides) and I was super bored on the East side with the lack of PvP, I rolled a West-side alt by the name of Pantyhose just to join in on the castle siege fun. It took a number of tries, each being consecutively closer, before we were able to finally take TWO’s castle, the first legit successful castle siege win since ArcheAge NA servers launched. After that nothing much happened castle siege-wise so I didn’t play Pantyhose much later on (I was also too lazy to level her to 55).


February 2013 – April 2013
Tera website | Tera forums
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Tera forum profile
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Description: Action-based Korean MMORPG with gorgeous graphics and an FPS-style combat system. Lvl 60 level cap. Traditional tank-healer-DPS trilogy. Very much gear-based. Point-based skill tree. F2P with cash-shop. Lots of fashion as well as transmutable armour skins.
PvE: Grind-based leveling. 5-man dungeons and 20-man public raids (Nexus). Cross-server dungeon-party finder. Grind-based gear farming + upgrading system.
PvP: Flag-based open world PvP. 15v15 unranked public battlegrounds and 3v3 ranked team battlegrounds. Guild vs guild declared wars.

Server: Lake of Tears (PvP)
Characters: Moonlite, lvl 51 Elin Slayer (no build)
Guild: RageQuit Inc.), Going Quantum
Notes: After the quick GW2 burnout, Tera went F2P, so a few RQ and I decided to try out the game casually (I heard the combat system was similar to B&S’s). We made an RQ guild early-game but merged with Going Quantum after a while in hopes of trying out GvG. I had rolled a Slayer in hopes of getting used to melee-style combat but ended up not really liking it (plus the class was very underpowered) so I rerolled a Sorceress. Quantum fell apart shortly after so we scattered and joined various guilds, myself joining Incognito with my loli Sorceress. Unfortunately I forgot to back up my TERA screenshot folder so I don’t have any pics of my old Slayer (same character design as Desiree though).

Server: Lake of Tears (PvP)
Characters: Desiree, lvl 60 Elin Sorceress (Fireblast build)
Guild: Incognito
Notes: In Incognito, had a few fun OWPvP fights but most of the time, GvG was political stalemates and only called over Nexus. Eventually Incognito started falling apart due to lack of PvP/interest and once I was able to obtain the legendary lolita outfit for my loli, I also quit the game and turned my attention towards Blade & Soul.

Guild Wars 2 (GW2)

February 2012 – November 2012
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Description: Action-based Western MMORPG with deep lore and a beautiful, expansive world. Lvl 80 level cap. No traditional tank-healer-DPS classes. Limited skills so combination of trait-tree and gear build. Point-based skill tree. One-time buy with cash-shop. Transmutable armour skins.
PvE: Quest-based leveling. Party-based instanced dungeons and world map global events. Minimal gear farming.
PvP: Server-vs-server WvW. Objective-based ranked structured 5v5 PvP.

Server: Open Beta
Characters: Valkyrie, lvl 80 axe-rifle Warrior (burst-build, sPvP)
Guild: RageQuit Inc.
Notes: For the first public open beta weekend (available for those who pre-purchased), Thieves were extremely imbalanced in sPvP, so I decided to roll the spike-build Warrior class and spent the entire weekend in sPvP, dominating 5v5s (sometimes even 1-shotting players). Unfortunately a few skills that my build depended on got nerfed/removed afterwards, but it was fun while it lasted.

Server: Blackgate
Characters: Valkyrja Flame, lvl 80 staff Elementalist (tank-build, WvW/AoE)
Guild: RageQuit Inc.
Notes: One of the server’s first WvW Commanders and RageQuit’s main tactician. Helped established the Blackgate War Council (and later BlackgateWvW community). Focused on leading WvW in the Borderlands, acting as the blue dorito for the roaming zerg while directing RageQuit/Condotteri with ninja operations. Retired along with RQ from the game after assuring Blackgate had firmly established itself as a Tier 1 WvW server.

Dragon Nest (DN)

July 2011 – October 2011
Dragon Nest | Dragon Nest forums
DN Armory | ggFTW Wiki | Dragon Nest Source | Dragon Nest Mods
Nexon forum posts | Dragon Nest Mods releases
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Description: Chibi-style Korean MMO in a cartoony adventure world. Lvl 24 level cap during the first few months of open beta. Loosely classical type classes with no dedicated healers. Skill-tree based. F2P with cash-shop. Decent amount of fashion.
PvE: Dungeon-grind-based leveling. All dungeons are instanced with hub towns. Boss-drop gear farming.
PvP: Instanced lobby-matching 8v8 team fights, 1v1 duels.

Server: Argenta (Open Beta)
Characters: Majestyca, lvl 24 Mystic
Guild: RageQuit Inc.
Notes: After getting bored of Forsaken World, a good number of us (RQ) decided to try out Dragon Nest. It was quite fun and the action-based combat system was quite an enjoyable departure from the traditional stand-still-and-queue-skill MMO combat system. Inspired by this video, I rolled a Mystic and we had quite a bit of fun during the first night of PvP but quickly got frustrated at Nexon’s slow/lack of updates (for over 2 months, the lvl cap stayed at 24, for which the Swordsman had a huge skillset advantage and Mystics didn’t have time-stop). Most of the guild eventually also all got bored and quit, but I hung around for a while working on and releasing various outfit mods until I also eventually left and started prepping for GW2.

Forsaken World (FW)

October 2010 – February 2011
Official website | Official forums
FW Haven | ShenMo CN | ShenMo CN Fansite
Forum posts
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Description: Chinese MMORPG set in a fantasy world. Lvl 45 level cap during Closed Beta. Traditional tank-healer-DPS trinity. Skilltrees, pure gear-based. F2P with cash-shop. Preset character designs.
PvE: Grind-based leveling. Party-based instanced dungeons and world bosses. Grind-based gear farming.
PvP: Open world PvP. Guild vs guild declared wars.

Server: Closed Beta Phase 1
Characters: Noblesse, lvl 30 human Mage (lightning tree, single-target spike)
Guild: RageQuit Inc.
Notes: This was my first character in Forsaken World and first character played with RQ. Following the decline of PWI, I saw FW as the next MMO to play, coming in with a fresh start and gaming experience. I decided that it was time for me to join a real PvP guild this time and, having remembered RQ’s level of organization in PWI, I applied to the guild and surprisingly was accepted. Prior to launch, based on the skill info from the Chinese servers, we believed that a lightning crit build human mage would be the best spike damage class, and after playing tank-support in PWI, I wanted to try out a DPS class. Turned out, the lightning tree was severely nurfed by the time the game started NA CBT and the DPS output from marksmen was significantly higher, so I rerolled a loli marksman (Moonlite).

Server: Closed Beta Phases 1-3
Characters: Moonlite, lvl 45 “loli” dwarf Marksman (AoE Fire tree)
Guild: RageQuit Inc., Classic
Notes: I had originally rolled a Burst/Sniper Marksman, but after some Wars, we quickly discovered the broken AoE nature of the Fire tree’s “Rake of Fire” skill. Using that, in combination with Vampire’s AoE root and Bard’s AoE sleep, we quickly dominated Wars to the point that no one else on the server was willing to fight us, so by Closed Beta phase 3, RQ had more or less stopped playing due to the lack of PvP. I joined Classic for a brief period and ended up farming the server’s first purple weapon, but the lack of PvP combined with the over-stretched closed beta test period (at the end of which there was going to be a full wipe) led us to eventually quit the game before open beta started (many of Classic would eventually join us for GW2 and more). Was my first experience PvPing with RQ though and solidly established my interest in open world group PvP.

Perfect World International (PWI)

September 2008 – May 2011
Perfect World International | Perfect World International forums
PWDatabase | Ecatomb | robSoft Monster DB
Forum posts (Desiree) | Forum posts (Arcrueid) | Forum posts (Moonlite)
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Description: Traditional Chinese MMORPG with a beautiful world and deeply customizable characters. Lvl 105 level cap. Traditional tank-healer-DPS trinity. Unlockable skills, pure gear-based. F2P with cash-shop. Lots of fashion.
PvE: Grind-based leveling. Party-based instanced dungeons and world bosses. Grind-based gear farming.
PvP: Open world PvP. Guild vs guild territory wars.

Server: Lost City (PvP)
Characters: Moonlite, lvl 80 Cleric (metal mage, PvE)
Guild: YinYang, Sin, Integrity
Notes: PWI-LC was my very first real MMO and Moonlite was my very first character. When I was class choosing, I wanted to be a winged elf and I saw Cayeon’s Guide on Full Attack Clerics and decided to role a metal mage. I was random recruited early on into the laid-back guild YinYang, which became my first online family that I’d continue gaming with for a long time (YinYang, Sin, Aurora). Although I was a pure solo PvE carebear, I got PKd early on by a RageQuit member due to YinYang being KOS’d by RQ, which eventually led to me forming Integrity from a collection of smaller guilds attacked by RQ. We eventually left due to Integrity being full of internal ego conflicts/drama and restarted on Harshlands when the server opened.

Server: Harshlands (PvP)
Characters: Desiree (V2), lvl 101 demon Venomancer (arcane tank-build, TW),
Guild: Kylin, Zulu, Crimson, Sin
Notes: One of the server’s most active PvP/TW venos. Uploaded weekly TW videos. Probably my most memorable character and MMO game experience. It was with this character that I learned the meaning of bloodlust and immersed myself in the world of PvP (even wrote a detailed veno PvP guide). Started with my old PvE LC guild Aurora (named as Sin), later joined Crimson, switched over to Kylin after Crimson first went RPK, then stayed with Kylin for most of the game (briefly joining Zulu for a week for fun). Eventually retired after moving on to Forsaken World and being unable to keep up with cash shoppers (I spent all my money buying fashion so was always poor and undergeared).

Server: Raging Tide (PvE)
Characters: Arcrueid, lvl 92 sage Venomancer (heavy-armour tank-build, TW)
Guild: Infamy, Aurora
Notes: One of the server’s most active PvP/TW venos. More or less an experiment with HA-veno on a new PvE server. Was pretty amusing facetanking all the physical classes who had never seen a HA veno in PvP. PK’d with a sawfly for most of my time since using a nix was overkill against PvErs who didn’t even equip charms. Eventually went back to Harshlands due to lack of challenge (and missing open world PvP). Did have some fun time soloing an entire faction though ^_^.

Server: Senlyn (private server)
Characters: Desiree_, lvl 65 Archer; Valkyrja, lvl 110 Archer; Moonlite, lvl 96 Archer
Guild: RageQuit Inc.
Notes: Senlyn was a private server RQ played briefly after Dragon Nest and before GW2. We played it for nostalgia purposes as it was a pre-Tideborn server and mid-rate. It was a lvl 110 level cap and custom G15 gear. This time around, having learned more about lvl 100+ end-game balance, I chose to go with archer for the AoE, as RQ’s goal was to take over the map. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too far as the GMs didn’t take too kindly to a new organized PvP guild disrupting the p-server’s balance and quickly banned all of us. I personally got perma-banned twice – first with Valkyrja (I rerolled as Desiree_ due to not liking underscore in the name), then again with Moonlite after I tried getting around the ban via VPN, despite being a cash shopper and supporting the server. It was fun while it lasted though, but Senlyn was the first and last private server I’ll ever play.

Kingdom of Loathing (KoL)

January 2005 – February 2006
Official website | Official forums
Coldfront | TheKolWiki | Display Case Database | KoLmafia | KoLmelion | Ohayou’s Item Effects | KOLBay
Forum posts | Display Case | TheKolWiki entry
Files | Gallery

Description: Almost a choose-your-own-adventure text-and-picture browser game. Full of parodies and pop-culture references. Not exactly an MMO and more or less single-player, but with a huge community and in-game chat channels. All pictures are hand-drawn. F2P with donations.
PvE: Turn-based gameplay. Each “adventure” is an event or fight with a monster. There are some in-game quests and an overarching goal of defeating the “Naughty Sorceress”, after which you “Ascend” and reset your character stats. Each adventure usually gives you EXP points for lvling up and gives you items for meat (the game’s currency). Gear grants you a few additional stat points or special effects.
PvP: There is a non-real-time PvP system which actually is purely stats-comparison. I only broke my Hippy Stone for a short period of time so didn’t really experience much about it.

Characters: Keripo, lvl 21 Seal Clubber (5 Pre-NS13 Ascensions)
Guild: Jick’s Rolodex
Notes: I started playing KoL as a game that my elementary friends also played, but most of them quit and gave their accounts to me. I continued playing (using their accounts as meat farmers via KOLmelion or KOLmafia) but eventually got immersed into the online forum community and chat channels. I was a regular in /haiku and /newbie and even tried setting up shortytss as a free buff bot. I also regularly commissioned artwork in the Lair of Prententious Artists subforums as well as participated in philanthropic events. Made friends with ILoveLlamas and WordDoc and joined the clan Jick’s Rolodex, the very first online “guild” I had ever joined (though we didn’t do much together since there wasn’t any in-game multiplayer activities). I was also a moderator for KOLBay after becoming friends with skycruise and even held the Return of KOLbay Contest. Made friends with Outside of the community, I spent a lot of time building up my Display Case and ascended quite a number of times before eventually leaving the game.

Characters: shortytss, lvl 55 Accordion Thief
Guild: none
Notes: shortytss was a secondary character I used in KoL, mainly to act as a buff bot. The majority of it’s adventures at the Beach lvling up, and would spend most of the time in /newbie buffing random people using Ohayou‘s AT Chat Buff Helper. Later on, I commissioned CDMoyer to help build a kmail-based automated buff bot, but that never ended up materializing before I quit. Like with Keripo, I commissioned a lot of artwork for shortytss, but now I refer to the character design as “Noblesse” and use it as my personal mascot.