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DIY Dollfie Virgin-Killing Sweater

The Japanese otaku community is always coming with new cute/sexy outfit fetishes. In 2014, it was the keyhole turtleneck sweater, which I admittedly got for Arc to replace her normal turtleneck sweater. In 2015, it was the front zipper swimsuit though since I’m personally not a fan of one-piece swimsuits, I didn’t really take much interest. That was followed by the cat keyhole lingerie in 2016, which I would have immediately gotten Arc if the Volks DD body didn’t look so bleh in lingerie. The year 2017 has just started, but we’ve already gotten a new fetish outfit: the virgin-killing sweater. Japan never disappoints :P

Arcueid uses new fetish sweater attack. Its super effective!

While browsing around the internet, I came across a Facebook note by Macotte with brief instructions on how to make a Dollfie-sized virgin-killing sweater out of a regular sock:

The steps seemed pretty straighforward and doable even by someone with zero sewing skills like myself, so I went ahead and ordered a $12 three-pack of patterned white socks off Amazon.com since all the socks I owned were all too big and plain. Since I bought a 3-pack (giving me a total of 6 socks), I had some leeway to trial-and-error a bit in getting the exact cutting points. I ended up deviating slightly from Mascotte’s version but it all turned out pretty nicely. Here’s the step-by-step in case you want to try making one yourself for your own Dollfie. Photoshoot of Arc in hers at the end.


Arc has gotten bored of her keyhole sweater… time to try out the virgin-killing sweater! Do follow along!

The socks I used in this tutorial is a three-pack of “Jefferies Socks Little Girls’ School Uniform Cable-Knit Knee-High Socks

Each pair of socks could make 2 sweaters, so technically you could make 6 in total! I screwed up one so I only ended up making five: one for Arc, one for Lily, one for Rem, and two spares.

Here’s the cuts that I used for making my version of the Dollfie virgin-killing sweater:

The first cut you want to make is the bottom part of the sock. Note that you don’t want to cut too high up as then the sweater will be too short. The best position I found for my sweater was about a centimeter into the heel section so that there is a natural fold when folding the bottom of the sock in.

For the diagonal cut, you want to start right where the top of the butt is so that you get a slight V-neck that shows some butt cleavage. When I measured against Arc’s body, this was roughly at the 13 cm mark. Don’t be afraid to cut earlier than that as you can always fix it later. If you cut too low though, it’ll expose too much and be more than just a bit of butt cleavage. As for how deep the cut goes, it really depends on the width of your sock as well as how big your DD’s busts are. Arc has a shapely-L bust so I don’t need to cut too deep. From trial-error, I found the best place to cut into for the Jefferies’ sock that I was using is right after the second stripe. This also allows me to just cut along the stripe when cutting upwards. Mascotte’s tutorial uses a curved cut but I found using two straight cuts to be much easier and consistent.

The third cut you need to make is at the top right underneath the collar of the sock. If your sock doesn’t have a wide collar, you will want to artificially reserve at least 3cm at the top since that part will become the turtleneck part of the sweater. Here’s how it all looks with pencil markings.

Time to cut. Try to use sharp scissors so you don’t get fray strings.

After making the main cuts, you can take a smaller pair of scissors and trim up the rough edges. The bottom V will likely be a bit uneven and need touch-up. I used my pocket Swiss Army knife’s scissors for this. Sewing kit scissors are great too.

Next up, take the part you just cut out and use it to make the two strands of ribbons that’ll go behind the neck. I did this by cutting out two blocky U strips and discarding the middle piece. In Mascotte’s tutorial, the bottom part of the sock is used instead, but I prefer this way as the two strands will be more string-like and textured.

Here’s the final pieces you will want to keep: the main sweater and two U strands that you will use as the neck strings.

Here’s the leftover pieces + trimmings. You might be able to do something with the bottom part of the sock (make a little toque/cap for your Dollfie I guess?) but I just threw them out.

Naked Arcueid holding the sweater piece for size comparisons.

Here’s what it looks like when put on the body

Here’s me using my pocket Swiss Army knife’s scissors to do a few more minor trim ups.

Remember the bottom part that I mentioned you need to keep a bit longer. Fold that into itself so that you have a smooth sweater bottom just below panties level.

The turtleneck part of the sweater also gets formed by folding the top of the sock down onto itself.

Here’s how it should look from side/back/front view.

The final touch is adding on the strings behind the neck. Flip the turtleneck back up, take the U strands you cut out before, tie them behind the neck, then flip the turtleneck back down.

Here’s how it will look from all three angles.

And with that, your do-it-yourself Dollfie virgin-killing sweater is complete!


Now that you have your very own Dollfie-sized virgin-killing sweater, time to take pictures of course! Didn’t really have any backdrop in mind so just took some generic by-the-window shots and then some on my computer desk. I’m definitely not the best photographer when it comes to making my Dollfies look sexy, but here’s my attempts :P


The virgin-killing sweater isn’t just good for killing virgins – it’s also a very practical and functional outfit too, as demonstrated by Cirno-sensei!

It’s also flexible and fits all body sizes!

If that last picture scarred you for life, you can clean out that memory with a picture of all the otaku fetish outfits from the past few years featuring F/GO girls~

And that’s all for now. Hope you were able to follow this tutorial and make a cheap Dollfie-sized virgin-killing sweater yourself. Til next time! o/


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