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[PWI] BM Fist Spark Combo Demo

(Direct download)

This is a demo of the demon fist-blademaster combo, performed on the official Perfect World International Harshland server. The combo takes advantage of skill cancelling to trigger both the bonus status effects of Drake’s Breath Bash (+fire attack buff) and Demon Glacial Spike (+50% crit though not shown in this video), followed by a performed Heaven’s Flame. You can also cancel Cyclone Heel for the added attack speed bonus.

If one were to Demon Spark Eruption and use a chi pot right before Drake’s Breath Bash, the BM can obtain the highest DPS potential immediately after the Heaven’s Flame due to the stacked buffs/status effects. If timed perfectly, you will have a good 6 seconds of demon sparked, 5aps, increased crit rate’d and added fire damage’d fisting. In practical PvP, however, just DBB cancel + Cyclone Heel cancel is enough to wipe out heavy armours easily.

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