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Latest figure reviews, Dollfie Dream photoshoots, anime season thoughts, and other anime-related rants.
I’m a pretty hardcore TYPE-MOON otaku and old-school Gundam fanboy so you’ll see plenty of both here.
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Winter 2013 Anime Season

See MyAnimeList for my list of watching/completed anime. Check out AnimeCalendar for a nifty tool to keep up-to-date with airing anime. In my past anime chart blog posts, I would make predictions for the upcoming season prior to the first airing week, then update my comments at random points through the season. This time around, however, I’ve decided to first go through all the EP1s (and a few EP2s) so that I’d be able to give actual first impressions based on the actual episodes rather than just PVs + descriptions. I’ll probably end up updating this post a few times …

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Anohana Movie: Letters from Menma + Autograph Board (Aniplex)

Today was the US/Canada screening of the the Anohana Movie. For those unfamiliar with the movie, it is a retelling of the Anohana (short for Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai., known in the US as AnoHana, We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day.) TV anime series, from the point of view of one of the characters, Menma. See here for the movie’s PV. If you’ve never watched the series, I’d highly recommend watching it as long as you have a tissue box nearby (aka prepare for ninjas cutting …

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Volks SD Bag + Saddle Stand Type C

So a while back, after adopting the elegant Saber Lily, I went and ordered a Volks SD Carrying Case (Black Diamond) and a Saddle Stand Type C (Metal). The carrying case was so I could carry both my Dollfies in (an upgrade from the thinner CoolCat bag), and the stand was so I could properly pose Saber Lily in the Distant Avalon pose (the plastic DD stand I had worked but was unstable and Saber Lily would easily fall over) Overall, the bag was very nice and spatious and I was able to snuggly fit both my Dollfies in (Saber …

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Saber Extra EX Figure (SEGA)

Today we have the proud Saber Extra (aka. Saber Nero, aka Saber Red) from Fate/EXTRA. I usually don’t like collecting prize figures, but I try to collect at least one figure of each kind of Saber and the alternatives weren’t all too appealing (not a fan of Satoshi’s faces in Gift’s figure and Clayz’s 1/6 figure is way too big). I’m probably going to sell this once I find a Saber Bride figure that I like (have SEGA’s PM Figure preordered but it’s also a prize figure, and Alphamax’s looks tempting but a bit too boobaliscious…) Anyway, as Saber Nero …

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Caster Extra 1/8 (Phat Company)

It’s been a while since I took a break with figure collecting (mainly because my figure photography desk got invaded by my new desktop and miko Saber Lily) but I’m back with slowly chipping away at my To-Review list of TYPE-MOON figures. Tonight, we have Caster Extra, the playful servant from the Fate universe’s spinoff PSP game, Fate/EXTRA. I haven’t played the game yet but it has official TYPE-MOON endorsement, so despite the char designs/art style not being Takeuchi’s (Fate/EXTRA character designs are by Wada Rco), I’ll acknowledge it as part of an alternate Nasuverse. Anyway, to the figure! How …

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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Years from Saber Lily and Keripo! Here’s the pics/eyecandy of Saber Lily and OhnoRaptor’s Airy in some festive cosplay outfits (Arcueid V1 still isn’t done yet but should be soon!). Enjoy! ^_^ The dynamic duo! Airy being seductive in a nun outfit (p.s. OhnoRaptors really likes nuns) Saber Lily being reserved in a miko outfit (I have a weak spot for shrine maidens) I could get used to keeping Saber Lily in her miko outfit beside my new desktop ;3 ~Keripo Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157639301865745/ 3,289 total views, no views today

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Caren Ortensia 1/8 (Alter)

The forgotten, real fourth TYPE-MOON heroine. Caren is the main heroine of Fate/hollow ataraxia, but no one remembers because 1) Fate/hollow ataraxia wasn’t as popular as Fate/stay night as a VN, and 2) Caren was a pretty bland character ;( TYPE-MOON considers their 4 heroines to be Ryougi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai), Arcueid (Tsukihime), Saber (Fate/stay night), and Aoko (Mahou Tsukai no Yoru) in that chronological order, but they forget the other two main heroines that came before Mahouyo (i.e. Caren of Fate/hollow ataraxia and Sion of Melty Blood, both of which came before Mahouyo). Even though she was meant …

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Matou Sakura ~Battlesuit Ver~ 1/8 (Alter)

Been spending most of my free time playing Blade & Soul lately as well as setting up my new desktop, but the queues are forever, so here’s another TYPE-MOON figure review! Today is the gentle kohai/perfect housewife, Matou Sakura, in her battle outfit How the hell did I end up so low on the popularity ranking polls? Saber!?!?!? This is just the one of a long series of post-unboxing, backlogged TYPE-MOON figure reviews. After moving to my new place, I set up a nice corner of the room for figure photography and took a bunch of review-style photo sets of …

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Saber Alter ~Dress Ver~ 1/8 (Alter)

This Saber Alter figure was one of the Fate figures I bought during my first trip to Japan. Actually also just recently sold it to a friend since I found it not really fitting in with the rest of my collection (much prefer Solid Theater’s Saber Alter, which I previously reviewed). Took some pics of it before selling though so might as well do a quick review anyway. My Black Servant Can’t Be This Cute This is just the one of a long series of post-unboxing, backlogged TYPE-MOON figure reviews. After moving to my new place, I set up a …

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Illyasviel von Einzbern 1/8 (Kotobukiya)

Went missing for two days due to the Blade & Soul CN open beta launch, but now back to picking up where I left off with moar TYPE-MOON figure reviews ;3. Today we have the lolilicious Illya Behind that innocent smile lies a bloodthirsty doll… This is just the first of a long series of post-unboxing, backlogged TYPE-MOON figure reviews. After moving to my new place, I set up a nice corner of the room for figure photography and took a bunch of review-style photo sets of figures as I re-unboxed them. Most of these figures are second hand, B/B …

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