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How game hacks work and why they usually aren’t fixed

This post was originally written for Guild Wars 2 (specifically in explaining why ArenaNet hasn’t stopped fly hackers stealing orbs in WvW yet), but applies to pretty much any and every online game with damage/fly/wall/aim-bot hacks. In this post, there are two sections: “How does game hacking work?” and “What kinds of hacks are there?” I’m reposting it here after hearing about the recent Final Fantasy XIV hack as it is a “how-in-the-world-was-this-even-allowed-to-happen” example of a network connection hack described in the last section, although technically no game client is even needed in FFXIV’s case and no decryption is necessary …

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The World of Hatsune Miku

This is an essay I wrote while in university, titled “The World of Hatsune Miku – A brief overview of the VOCALOID phenomena”. The complete PDF version of this can be found here. Published under CC BY-NC-SA. Just under 6 years ago, while wandering around the somewhat unknown video-sharing website called YouTube, I came across an interesting 3D animated music video: The first YouTube reprint of the 3DPV for Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru? / “【初音ミク】3DみくみくPV” It caught my interest because not only was the 3DCG pretty impressive (this was still during the time when Flash animations were still popular) …

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Akihabara Shopping Map 2013

NOTE: This is partially outdated, will post an updated map later. While planning out my Japan trip Akihabara shopping spree, I spend some a lot of time researching all the figure/doll/gunpla stores and mapping them out. I figure this might be useful for others in the future. Here’s the map and please let me know if you can think of any important stores in the Akihabara area that I missed ^_^ Online Google map link: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=216291585881164541606.0004c0510f2cf86838ec4

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Linux Everywhere

When I was a teaching assistant for CIS 191 ”Linux and Unix” (University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2012), I was asked to give a guest lecture, given my involvement and contributions to the iPodLinux project. And so I decided to give a special topic lecture titled, “Linux Everywhere: A look at Linux outside the world of desktops”. Here it is: Presentation: PDF (PPTX)

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Intro to Android Development

For PennApps Mobile 2011, I was invite to present a tech talk on how to get started with Android development. The talk gave a general overview of what Android was, how the app layers worked, what you needed to get started, a live/follow-along setup+Hello World demo, a small stopwatch app demo, the basics of debugging, and then finally next steps for app publishing. Finally, the talk ended with a quick blurb of Beats as an example of what your project could become. Here are the links and slides. Announcement: Android, iPhone, WP7 Tech Talks! Facebook event: Intro to Android & …

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Interview w/ Beats Creator from PennApps 2010

This is a repost from the PennApps Mobile 2011 website prior to the start of the hackathon. Background: Due to my success success with Beats during the very first PennApps 2010, I was interviewed and asked to give advice to new hackers/participants in the upcoming PennApps Mobile 2011 hackathon. ====== Interview by Justin Meltzer from the Interactive Media Group. I took some time to interview Philip Peng, a junior studying Computer Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. As the lead developer of a mobile game called Beats developed on the Android platform, he and his team transformed a concept hastily …

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