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Linux Everywhere

When I was a teaching assistant for CIS 191 ”Linux and Unix” (University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2012), I was asked to give a guest lecture, given my involvement and contributions to the iPodLinux project. And so I decided to give a special topic lecture titled, “Linux Everywhere: A look at Linux outside the world of desktops”. Here it is: Presentation: PDF (PPTX)

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A Free Digital Society – Speech by Richard Stallman

On April 20, 2011, Richard Stallman was invited by STWing and Dining Philosophers to the University of Pennsylvania to deliver a speech, titled “A Free Digital Society” . Below is a video recording of the speech, recorded by myself (Philip Peng): Your browser does not support the video tag. I apologize ahead of time for the shaky first few minutes (I was trying to securely attach my cellphone camera on my laptop using masking tape) as well as the few sections where video were accidentally cut out (due to either the phone falling off my laptop or my cell phone’s …

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Flash playback on the iPod?

A user on the iPodLinux forums posted that they had started working on a Flash player port to the iPod. I was skeptical, and here’s why: Keripo wrote: Here’s my two cents. Keep in mind that this is just my speculation/rambling/etc. so don’t take it to heart/seriously. I’ve looked into getting Flash playback on the iPod before in the past and the only suitable project I found was Gnash. Gnash is an open source, GPL’d replacement for Adobe’s web browser flash player. Its written in C++, uses GTK+, and can be cross-compiled. I’ve ported simple GTK-to-hotdog before so that’s not …

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