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I am a huge TYPE-MOON fan (Arcueid is mai waifu) and so a big part of my collection is focused on TYPE-MOON merchandise, including the Tsukihime/Melty Blood series, Fate series, Kara no Kyoukai, and Mahoutsukai no Yoru. My collection covers PVC figures, plushies, PC games, doujin games, artbooks, manga, doujinshi, and various other merchandise.

My main focus is on Tsukihime and the pre-2004 era (i.e. when TYPE-MOON/Bamboo Broom/Nasu-Takeuchi duo was still a doujin circle). I am aiming for 100% completion for Tsukihime-related merchandise and am pretty close. My pride is the Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ CD, as well some of Takeuchi’s older doujinshis. My favourite TYPE-MOON circle is Crazy Clover Club, followed by the hilarious Hiroyuki (ヒロユキ). I also own Saber Lily and custom Arcueid Brunestud Dollfie Dreams which I find fun photographing. For Sakura-con 2015, I also presented an introductory panel titled, “Unlimited TYPE-MOON Works“.

Collection list: http://myfigurecollection.net/list/13040
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/tags/typemoon
Beast’s Lair: http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/member.php/3542-Keripo (rarely post)

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Saber Lily DD Photoshoot

For the full Saber Lily DD unboxing and review, see my previous post Saber Lily, the Princess of Knights In between unboxing and putting together Saber Lily (see link above), I took some time to take nice, clean pictures of her in her various outfit. For some of the pictures, I tried to copy various poses from the pamphlet or PVC figures of Saber Lily. For others, OhnoRaptors help out. Here they are, enjoy! Lingerie Outfit Saber Lily, showing off her sexy underwear. Elegant white stockings with patterned frills and a garterbelt strap Not all that much a fan of …

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Saber Lily Dollfie Dream (Volks)

Photo warning: This is a VERY photo heavy review. If you just want to see Saber Lily in her completed outfits, see the photoshoot post While I’m not all that much of a Saber fan (as opposed to most TYPE-MOON collectors), there is one version of Saber that I do really like (purely due to her character design). and that would be Saber Lily. Back when I was thinking about creating a custom Dollfie Dream, I was looking through all the existing Volks DDs and the Saber Lily DD caught my attention. Originally the high price, rarity, and poor official …

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Plushie Collection 2013

Per request of kilani, I went around the house, gathered my various plushies/pillows/cloth-stuff/etc, and took some pics. So here they are, enjoy! Combined pics of my plushies, since kilani said “put them all in one photo” Office at work: – Madoka’s Kyuubey – ThinkGeek’s Sushi plush (sold out) – FLCL’s Haruko – Chobit’s Chii – Bakemonogatari’s Shinobu – Gunslinger Girl’s Henrietta – ThinkGeek’s Portal 2 Turret plush[/url] – Vocaloid Hatchune Miku (bootleg) – unknown frog pillow – Bethesda’s Cacodemon plush My office normally. Photo taken facing the boring wall, cause I can’t show you what’s currently on my work desk, …

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TYPE-MOON Collection Milestone 2013

So I was updating my MFC collections lists today (since the Spring Tsukihime Bottle Caps just arrived in mail, bought from Yahoo Auctions Japan) and I realized that my TYPE-MOON Collection list had hit 300 items (with MFC entries, and almost 500 if you include those without)! It’s been less than two years since I got my first TYPE-MOON figure (and it was a bootleg too!) and I’ve been able to reduce my TYPE-MOON wishlist down to just 11 items (with MFC entries, and a small handful more items without). Rant about me and TYPE-MOON: Spoiler: For those who may …

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Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ Omakes (TYPE-MOON)

NSFW/spoiler warning: This is a review of an 18+ eroge. It contains screenshots of NSFW H scenes (put into spoilers). It also contains game/content spoilers. Included in the Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ CD were a bunch of extra omake material that was later also included in Tsukihime PLUS+DISC (except Clowick Canaan-vail). Each of these are reviewed here separately. CD content/file structure UPDATE 2019/07/10: Upon further inspection of file timestamps and comparing it to release dates, I realized some mistakes (on my part) in this article. Specifically, the following corrections have been made: – “Tsukihime (Preview Edition)” has been corrected to …

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Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ (TYPE-MOON)

NSFW/spoiler warning: This is a review of an 18+ eroge. It contains screenshots of NSFW H-scenes (put into spoilers). It also contains game/content spoilers. Cross-posted on MFC and Beast’s Lair Tsukihime ~Half Moon Edition~ was released at Comiket 58 as the first playable trial of Tsukihime before the completed game, Tsukihime ~Full Moon Edition~, was released. 22,915 total views, 3 views today

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Saber ~Motored Cuirassier~ 1/8 (GSC)

My first PVC figure review – the dynamic Saber Zero on her mana-enhanced bike! See the video below for the scene from the Fate/zero anime Info – Type: PVC figure – Character: Saber – Version: Motored Cuirassier – Series: Fate/Zero – Company: Good Smile Company – Sculptor: Kawahara Takayuki – Release date: 2012/06/27 (Standard) – Specs: 1/8, PVC, L=290 mm (11.31 in) H=160 mm (6.24 in), 1250g – Price: ¥13143 – JAN: 4582191965772 Links – Good Smile Company product page – MyFigureCollection entry – Suruga-ya entry Buying – Mandarake – Rakuten – YahooJapanAuctions – AmiAmi – HobbySearch – Amazon.jp – …

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Moving into the new place

So right after my Japan trip I actually had to start packing to move to a new place. The bad news was that I had some heavy Detolfs and a few hundred figures to box up and move. The good news was that the new place was right across the street and much bigger (aka more display space!) Here’s some pictures I took of the process. Still not completely done tidying up my new place yet (let alone finish unpacking all the figures), so expect a more organized, complete “room tour” blog post down the road. One last photo of …

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Arcueid Brunestud V0 Custom Dollfie Dream

So a while back before I left for my Japan trip, I decided on whim to try to create a custom Dollfie Dream. Intro: Before, I really didn’t have much interest in DDs. To me, they were just really big and expensive dolls, kinda like large figmas but with clothing. Apart from my TYPE-MOON collection, I mainly only collect gunpla (because I’m a huge Gundam fanboy and like building stuff) and PVC figures (because the artistic side of my strongly appreciates the sculpting). That was until I came across this unknown image: . Being a huge Arcueid fan (Arc is …

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Neco-Arc ~Deka Ver~ Nendoroid Plus (GSC)

This one really doesn’t have a story behind it… I saw, I bought, I conqueuered (yay for Mandarake). I’ve been trying to collect every single Neco-Arc figure and this is the second last item before completion (the last illusive item would be the Neco-Arc Chaos counterpart). This figma/action figure is part of Good Smile Company’s rare line of Nendoroid Plus. In this case, it is a huge Neco-Arc made out of wood and with limited mobility. I’m not familiar with the background of when/how this was released, but I do know that it’s quite rare and limited ;3 And so, …

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