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Japan Trip 2012 – Food and Drinks

So right after finishing university, my friends and I decided to go to Japan for our graduation trip (May-June 2012). Japan was a high in our choice of destination for a vacation. For my friends, it was of cultural interest and a new place to see. For me, it was the Holy Land of anime, and also the place where my figure collecting hobby would emerge. But the loots and food blog entries will come at the end.
The following series of “Japan Trip 2012” blog posts will simply be pictorial guides of my adventure through Japan. I’ll try to caption most of the pictures and include as many anime-related pictures as possible. Sets of photos are roughly in chronological order, though some places (aka Akihabara) will have multiple sets since we went back there multiple times. There’s 30 or so albums of photos from my Japan trip, and each blog post will contain 2-4 albums worth, so prepare your mouse for a lot of scrolling. So without further ado, enjoy the tour!

Don’t remember where each picture is from – I just lumped together all the food and drinks pictures into one folder. Also please excuse the poor quality/lighting in these phone camera quality pictures. Omnomnomnom. During the trip, I also made it a mission to try out every single drink I encountered (and photograph it!) Either way, enjoy the drool-fest!



MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/6246
Flickr Foods: https://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641683747523/
Flickr Drinks: https://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641684809354/

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