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Japan Trip 2013 – Nakano Broadway

See Flickr for the complete photo sets

Nakano Broadway is a shopping mall right outside the Nakano station and at the end of another long covered mall. It is an otaku shopping heaven as it is also the birthplace of Mandarake, the famous chain of second hand anime goods (“second hand” being stuff like “minor box damages” or “opened once”, not “mysterious sticky stuff all over”).

Inside are tons of specialized shops (most of them part of the Mandarake chain), each with various specialties ranging from figures to robot toys to books to dolls, etc. It’s a pretty big otaku gold mine with some decent prices to be found. It was here that I found the secret Satsuki (Vampire Ver) trading figure that I had been missing from Spring’s Tsukihime Trading Figure Collection Part 2 set (still looking for the secret Tohno Shiki) in a random small collectables shop. I think I bought a few more random things, but it was mainly window shopping.

Nothin’ better than some nice ramen for brunch!

Just a train ride away, head right out the north exit

Head straight right into the mall (I call it “Sunshine mall”

Keep going… and we’re here!

Some Kero Gunso promotion invasion?

Store where I found Satsuki ^_^

Mandarakes, many of em! (each featuring a different focus

There’s some other stores too here worth checking out; many figure/collectables shops, some electronic shops, and one doll shop (Parabox, mainly Orbitsu dolls)

Mandarake covers floors 2F, 3F and 4F btw ^_^

The robot/time-travel Mandarake is really cool

A lot of doll stuff at Mandarake Nakano

This Goku puzzle was made of mini screenshots from the anime series ^_^

We almost went in here for dinner cause it looked cool (race car theme), but upon walking in, the second hand smoke smell hit and we waved away the waiter

We went to a random katsudon place instead

Nothing much interesting this day cause it was just pure (window) shopping for me ; P

Stay tuned for more Japan Akihabara goodness!


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