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Japan Trip 2014 – Nipponbashi + Dotonbori

See this post for the introduction.
While going through photos in Lightroom for my recent Sakura-Con 2015 photo blog post, I realized that I actually never finished uploading and writing the rest of my Japan Trip 2014 blog posts… Oops… So here they are, with whatever commentary I can still remember… Better late than never I guess!

On the same day we visited the Art of Gundam exhibition, we explored Nipponbashi and Dotonbori. I had visited both places multiple times in the past, so I didn’t end up taking all that many pictures this time around.

We meet again, Giant Enemy Crab…

First stop, some “Western style” breakfast at our Kyoto ryokan-style hotel.

Getting on the train for Nipponbashi

It’s Den-Den Town again!

The familiar streets of Nipponbashi, the Akihabara of the west

Unfortunately it seems we arrived too early in the morning cause everything was still closed at that time…

Super Kids Land was open though! Bought some gunpla kits for a friend and some Gundam T-shirts for myself (see the Japan Trip 2014 Loot post later)

Stocking up for a long day ahead

Pre-orders for Fate/hollow ataraxia for PSVita had just started, so of course there was already posters of Saber around town.

Two of the many Yellow Submarines around Nipponbashi, still closed at this time of morning

Its SuperPotato! I actually just restored my NES earlier this year but still haven’t been able to beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (WTB a Player 2) so no plans on picking up any more retro games just yet

Comic Toranoana + Gamers was open – went in and picked up a bunch of C86 doujinshis early to cut down our expectingly long line waiting times

Since most things were closed, I took a bunch of pictures of random anime-related posters. Here’s one promoting the then-upcoming new Gundam anime series, Gundam G Reconguista (which I highly recommend you NOT watch, cause it’s a total trainwreck of a mecha series)

The Weiβ Schwarz trading card game (aka Waifu Wars: The Card Game) features licensed anime characters and is immensely popular in Japan but never really picked up anywhere else in the world

ChaosTCG is another trading card game from Bushiroad (same producer of Weiβ Schwarz), not sure where the characters are from though (OCs?)

Like with both previous trips, I spent a lot less time than I had hoped at Nipponbashi, though this time it was cause we arrived too early. The rest of my group wanted lunch, so we started heading across the river over to Dotonbori

Dotonbori, the famous restaurant district of Osaka

Giant Enemy Crab spotted!

More restaurants down Dotonbori’s main street

Giant Enemy Octopus?

It was pretty hot that day so I grabbed a cheap fruit popsicle for 70 yen :3

Kuidaore Taro, the drum-playing clown that lures innocent tourists into gift shops

Rub it’s head/belly/feet/etc and something good will happen… maybe

So we settled on some yakiniku for lunch – yay meat!

And a cup of lychee sour of course :3

Wandering around the area

My friends said the girl in the ad reminded them of my Dollfie, I think she looks kinda cute (but totally Photoshopped)


Half of us ended up heading back to Nipponbashi after lunch since things were open again

Dr. Pepper, the drink of intellectuals

A maid cafe (?) by the name of “Little Rabbit”… I really wanted to go and order a rabbit but my friends dragged me away, by force… orz…

Eventually wandered back to Dotonbori for dinner

Giant enemy nostrils…

We eventually settled on yakisoba for dinner

The employee there mixed it in front of us, was pretty cool

Here’s a video of part of the process (click to watch on Flickr)

One final photo of the night view along Dotonbori River before we went back for the evening…

Nipponbashi + Dotonbori was our last stops on the Kyoto side of Japan. The morning after, we took the train back to Tokyo and rested to prepare for the main event of the trip: Comiket 86!


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