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[F/GO] Modified Memu image with F/GO NA preloaded and modified for rerolls

Reddit post:

Modified Memu image with F/GO NA preloaded and modified for rerolls from grandorder

Copy-pasted archive:

**Update: Here’s the [MEGA mirror](https://mega.nz/#F!BDJEVT6L!lhCjXLK2YbMPIAgLBgPdTw). You need to download all parts, then use [7zip](http://www.7-zip.org/download.html) to extract/combine them.**

**Note: If you previously downloaded this file and are having troubles with rerolling, make sure you have the updated FIXED version named “FGO-NA-v1.0.0-keripo-mod-2017-06-26-fixed.ova”**

I was supposed to upload/post this earlier since so many people were asking for it but ended up passing out while I was testing things. Sorry for the delay. This is a modified MEmu disk image with the following changes:

– Fate/Grand Order EN v1.0.0 preinstalled

– Initial game data predownloaded

– Game data folder modified to be accessible (so that you can do easy rerolls)

To reroll with this image:

1. 1) Setup MEmu by following [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/6akkkq/emu_wars_episode_x_return_of_the_emu) by /u/Teodor_ , except use my image instead of the “fgov2.ova”
2. 2) Launch FGO
3. 3) Go through the tutorial, do your tutorial roll
4. 4) Pick up your free quartz from the mailbox, do your free 10-roll
5. 5) Flip tables because you got shitty rolls
6. 6) Close FGO
7. 7) Launch ES File Explorer and click on the “Device” menu item on the left
8. 8) Navigate to /data/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en folder
9. 9) Delete the following files: 1) the “com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en.v2.playerprefs.xml” file in the /shared_prefs folder, 2) all .dat files under the /files folder, and 3) all files under the /files/MasterDataCaches folder.
10. 10) Close ES File Explorer
11. 11) Relaunch FGO and repeat

If you get a “Communication Issue” error when you launch the app, it means you are rerolling too fast and are temporarily IP banned. Slow down and wait it out. If the app crashes on launch or MEmu crashes, you probably deleted some wrong files or something. Just try again and make sure you have a clean copy of the .ova so you can restart from a clean image if needed.

See [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/6jlkjt/adb_based_reroll_method/djfs6jv/?context=3) by /u/rei_hunter for details on how this image was created.

Note that I personally am done with rerolls and I also mainly use my phone to play this game. As thus,


[**Good luck with your rerolls!**](#thankyou)


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