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TYPE-MOON Collection Milestone 2013

So I was updating my MFC collections lists today (since the Spring Tsukihime Bottle Caps just arrived in mail, bought from Yahoo Auctions Japan) and I realized that my TYPE-MOON Collection list had hit 300 items (with MFC entries, and almost 500 if you include those without)! It’s been less than two years since I got my first TYPE-MOON figure (and it was a bootleg too!) and I’ve been able to reduce my TYPE-MOON wishlist down to just 11 items (with MFC entries, and a small handful more items without). Rant about me and TYPE-MOON: Spoiler: For those who may …

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Loot Backlog (Jan to Apr 2013)

So back in December, I decided to finally break the wait and buy myself the extremely rare Tsukibako box (Tsukihime + PLUS+DISC + Kagetsu Tohya) as a first-year-of-working, year-end bonus. So I started searching Mandarake and Yahoo Auctions Japan. Of course, while I was at it, I decided to order Mahoyo, then order the limited edition Fate/hollow ataraxia, then the limited edition Fate/stay night, then finish up my ヒロユキ TYPE-MOON doujinshi collection, and so forth. By the end of the day, my shopping cart was far more full than I had originally planned, resulting in a huge December loot. This …

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Black★Rock Shooter Beast figma + BLK Artbook

So normally I’m not really a fan of the Black Rock Shooter series. I suppose the reason for this is the same reason I’m not all that much of a fan of Hatsune Miku (despite writing a ~15 page report on her[/url]). Back when “Hatsune Miku” gave reactions of, “Who’s that, a new anime character?”, Kagamine Rin and Len hadn’t been born yet, and searching for “VOCALOID” on YouTube yielded less than 100 results, I came across a video on NicoNicoDouga of a Miku song coupled with some pseudo-animated artwork by a Pixiv artist. That video was ryo’s original “Black★Rock …

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