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Linux Everywhere

When I was a teaching assistant for CIS 191 ”Linux and Unix” (University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2012), I was asked to give a guest lecture, given my involvement and contributions to the iPodLinux project. And so I decided to give a special topic lecture titled, “Linux Everywhere: A look at Linux outside the world of desktops”. Here it is: Presentation: PDF (PPTX)

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For my ESE 519 ”Real-time Embedded Systems” (University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2011) final project, I worked in a three-person team with Monica Lui and Faqin Zhong on a hardware project dubbed “BomberNome”. The original project requirement was to make use of the ESE lab’s stash of monome boards in a creative and fun way. It turned out, however, there weren’t enough actual monome boards lying around (i.e. boards with each grid unit also connected to a switch and LED) but there were plenty of LED boards, so we instead decided to just hook up a bunch of these LED boards …

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Flash playback on the iPod?

A user on the iPodLinux forums posted that they had started working on a Flash player port to the iPod. I was skeptical, and here’s why: Keripo wrote: Here’s my two cents. Keep in mind that this is just my speculation/rambling/etc. so don’t take it to heart/seriously. I’ve looked into getting Flash playback on the iPod before in the past and the only suitable project I found was Gnash. Gnash is an open source, GPL’d replacement for Adobe’s web browser flash player. Its written in C++, uses GTK+, and can be cross-compiled. I’ve ported simple GTK-to-hotdog before so that’s not …

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Efficient coding with strings…

I’m currently creating a modified podzilla 2 build with a few custom functions. The first is loading modules from different locations specified by the passed argments (ie “Podzilla2-Mod /usr/lib/Media /usr/lib/Misc” loads modules from both the “/usr/lib/Media” and “/usr/lib/Misc” folders, and any other ones I may add on). I’ve already got that implemented and fully working. The second one is menu path sorting based on the module’s current folder location. While I have things working nicely at the moment, due to my lack of string manipulation knowledge in C, I’m pretty sure my code at the moment is quite ineffective (memory-wise …

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