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For the PennApps Mobile 2011 hackathon, I teamed up with fellow STWingers/classmates/friends Albert Kwon, Gianni Chen, and Seth Shannin to form Team CJT and create the Android app, “hypup”, described by Seth as “Stumbleupon, but for local events.”. The official description was as follows: “HypUp aims to present a previously unexplored paradigm in social networking. While services like Facebook and foursquare approach social networking through people and locations respectively, we decided to try a different approach. HypUp is an event-based look at social networking.” The app went through many revisions, feature additions, and changes and we managed to just finish …

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Intro to Android Development

For PennApps Mobile 2011, I was invite to present a tech talk on how to get started with Android development. The talk gave a general overview of what Android was, how the app layers worked, what you needed to get started, a live/follow-along setup+Hello World demo, a small stopwatch app demo, the basics of debugging, and then finally next steps for app publishing. Finally, the talk ended with a quick blurb of Beats as an example of what your project could become. Here are the links and slides. Announcement: Android, iPhone, WP7 Tech Talks! Facebook event: Intro to Android & …

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Interview w/ Beats Creator from PennApps 2010

This is a repost from the PennApps Mobile 2011 website prior to the start of the hackathon. Background: Due to my success success with Beats during the very first PennApps 2010, I was interviewed and asked to give advice to new hackers/participants in the upcoming PennApps Mobile 2011 hackathon. ====== Interview by Justin Meltzer from the Interactive Media Group. I took some time to interview Philip Peng, a junior studying Computer Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. As the lead developer of a mobile game called Beats developed on the Android platform, he and his team transformed a concept hastily …

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Beats 1.0b

After almost a month of cracking out code (spending numerous sleepless nights using over the Google API) and weeks of closed beta testing, “Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game” is finally out for Google Android! Beats is a clone of the popular cross-platform rhythm game/engine StepMania, which is most well known as a simulator of Konami’s popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. Beats 1.0b (the initial beta release) is now available on the Android Market. Just search using the keywords beats, rhythm, or stepmania and look for the app released by Keripo. You can also download it directly here. (Direct download) (Direct …

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Beats 1.0a

“Beats, Advance Rhythm Game for Android” is a Google Android game/engine for playing user-generated stepfiles that follow the StepMania 3.9 .sm file format. Beats is written by University of Pennsylvania undergrads Philip Peng, Matthew Croop and Yui Suveepattananont (Team Notes). PennApps is an annual hackathon hosted by UPenn in which students compete/write a web/mobile app within a 48 hr (weekend) timespan. (Direct download)

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