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[PWI] Perfect World International Competition

(Direct download) PWI Forums PWIC PWI info thread PWI Forums PWIC PWI roster thread PWI Forums PWIC PWI-HL thread WanMei2 PWIC page Perfect World International Harshland – Perfect World International Competition (PWIC), PWI. Stage 1 consisted of a free-for-all 7-way PvP tournament, with the top 7 land-holding factions represented by a squad of 6 +1 alternative. Stage 2 consisted of a timed PvE boss fight against a spawned Harpy Wraith. The results were as followed: Stage 1A: Catalyst vs Kylin vs Omerta vs Watchers — Catalyst won Stage 1B: Crimson vs Valhalla vs Insanity — Crimson won Stage 1C: Catalyst …

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[PWI] 2011-04-01 Omerta vs Kylin

(Direct download) Perfect World International Harshland Territory War – Omerta vs Kylin 2011-04-01 for Hidden Orchid. Capture by Desiree, lvl 101 demon venomancer. Background music is CANAAN’s TV OP “mind as Judgment” by Faylan, followed by CANAAN Inspired Music “Hishou no Koku” by Faylan. First TW after half a year of inactivity. Same old gear and such, but skills all rusty and now everyone has 8jun/9jun or other OP gear ;'( PWI Forums: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=323982

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