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[PWI] Perfect World International Competition

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Perfect World International Harshland – Perfect World International Competition (PWIC), PWI. Stage 1 consisted of a free-for-all 7-way PvP tournament, with the top 7 land-holding factions represented by a squad of 6 +1 alternative. Stage 2 consisted of a timed PvE boss fight against a spawned Harpy Wraith.

The results were as followed:
Stage 1A: Catalyst vs Kylin vs Omerta vs Watchers — Catalyst won
Stage 1B: Crimson vs Valhalla vs Insanity — Crimson won
Stage 1C: Catalyst vs Crimson — Catalyst won
Stage 2: Catalyst vs Harpy Wraith — Catalyst finished in 3:30:84

The rosters were as followed, with the last in each list being the alternative in case any squad members are missing: (please let me know if any corrections are needed)
– Kaserale Blademaster
– Lady_Kiyomi Cleric
– Untamed_Pav Barbarian
– xxxWANTEDxxx Assassin
– Digs Archer
– thelegend Blademaster
– Zotics Blademaster
*Cannot have more than 1 Blademaster. This team will have to fight shorthanded.*

– thailer Archer
– Ligeia Archer
– Desiree Venomancer
– Loricus Barbarian
– Divine_Death Blademaster
– PreIude Cleric
– AuRaGeN Wizard

– Dikastis Barbarian
– Curso Cleric
– Guna Assassin
– Apologies Blademaster
– Jekel Archer
– crescendia Venomancer
– Barbapapa Archer

– Zuichan Blademaster
– lilbell Cleric
– Sientje Cleric
– strark Barbarian
– Akiko_ Archer
– SonnySin Assassin
– MsNezzie Mystic

– Terra_Inc Archer
– Joujou Cleric
– Kalyptica Wizard
– wolfbrian Barbarian
– Nyxyo Assassin
– _fURY_ Blademaster
– Dralighte Wizard

– PushDaButton Assassin
– _Flashlight_ Blademaster
– _Lestard_ Archer
– _Medea_ Cleric
– Lumpejudd Venomancer
– Kalimotxo Venomancer
– Yami_Angeloz Wizard

– Bludd Assassin
– Wytche Archer
– BanZzoK Archer
– wollfo Barbarian
– _Disposition Blademaster
– urDian Psychic
– Rocketpower Wizard

The winning squad from Harshland, representing the Catalyst faction, defeated Harpy Wraith in 3:30. Unfortunately, the winning squad from Lost City, representing the Tri-Force faction, defeated Harpy Wraith in 3:10. Hence, the overall PWIC-PWI champions are Tri-Force from LC, who will be going on to represent all of PWI in Stage 3 of the overall PWIC tournament, up against the champions from China, US, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malysia, Taiwan, and Japan.

Opinions: A free-for-all tournament was a bad idea – there was too much room for politics. In Stage 1A, Watchers and Omerta teamed up with Catalyst to quickly take out our squad (starting with our cleric), giving Catalyst an easy win (due to massive gear difference). In Stage 1B, Crimson and Insanity are allies so they quickly took out Valhalla, then stalemated for a bit (I’m not sure if they just stopped or if they actually finished the fight as the spectator’s area is too far away to see the entire platform). At least Stage 1C looked clean though. Even though Stage 2 is pretty straightforward, it makes little sense to decide on “PWI’s Best PvPers” based on a timed PvE competition. Regardless, was still a good start and looking forward to seeing the Arena properly opened in the future!

For those who are confused, the “International” in “PWIC” refers to international as in between different the servers of different nations, whereas the “International” in “PWI” practically just refers to “North American servers”.

Background music are Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Ragan-hen’s insert song “Sorairo Days -Tengen Toppa EDITION Lagann-hen-” by Nakagawa Shouko, Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Guren-hen’s Movie theme “Tsuduku Sekai” by Nakagawa Shouko, and Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann insert song “Rap wa Otoko no Tamashii da! Muri wo Tooshite Douri wo Kettobasu! Oretachi Gurren-Dan no Theme wo Mimi no Ana Kappojitte yo~ku Kikiyagare! (Short Short Edit)” by Iwasaki Taku. Who the hell do you think we are?

PWI Forums: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1144301

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