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iPod Tools Package – All the programs you’ll ever need

I’ve read me “Help my ipod’s broken!” posts, but the responses sometimes vary, with some suggesting this tool and others suggesting others . In addition, having an iPod nano, I am use to bringing along with me a whole list of portable programs that I run straight from the iPod itself. When I reinstalled my computer a while ago, however, I forgot to back up some of those programs and thus I had to search for and redownload most of them. And so, seeing as I had quite a collection at hand, now I’ve decided to package it up nicely with a ReadMe and upload it for general usage.

This package (you’ll need 7-Zip[/url] to extract since 7-Zip compresses better than WinRar) contains a whole list of stand-alone programs that’ll help you manage your iPod needs. Numerous programs for reformatting and recovering your iPod, programs for managing music, programs for transforming your iPod into a PDA and more, and other miscellaneous fun stuff that’ll handle all your iPod needs. It even includes a ReadMe by yours truely with program descriptions and download links. Most of these are freeware, shareware or open sourced. All of them (with the exception of iStory Creator and Pod2Go Beta) can be downloaded for free from their websites. The only trials (Aefdisk32 and Anapod Explorer) do not become limited after expiring. All documentations and readme’s are found in the “Documents” folder of each program folder. The terms of license you sometimes read when installing a program is saved as Terms.txt. You must read and agree with the license/terms/etc first for each program before using it.

Nevertheless, here’s the full list:

|| iPodLinux
Installer 2
PPM Converter

|| iPodWizard
iPodWizard (v 1.2)
iPW-Theme Converter

|| FooBar2k
FooBar2000 + foo_pod

|| Tools
iStory Creator
Videora iPod Converter
MPlayerPUI (MPlayerwith GUI)

|| Music Managers
FooBar2000 Lite
iPodFolder (iPod -> Folder)\
Anapod Explorer (Trial)

|| PDA Tools
Pod2Go (Old Beta)
iPod Extras

|| Miscellaneous
euPOD Pro

|| Disk Management
HP USB Formatter (HP USB Disk Storage Tool)
Anapod Reinitializer
Qemu [FreeDos n ActiveBootDisk]
FreeDos.img [Qemu]
ActiveBootDisk.iso [Qemu]


[Full ReadMe with program descriptions found here]

Its a big package at 30+ mb. Each program (with the exception of MoPid), however, is sized at 10 mb or less (most at 5 mb or less).
The only one with potential legal issues for redistribution would be the Pod2Go Beta version. It was originally released as a trial but was also freeware. The new updated version, Life2Go, however, is not and requires a license. Although Pod2Go Beta was a trial and had an expiry date, the date seems to be hardcoded as there are ways to get around it (legal? I’m not sure). Otherwise, none of the other programs seem to be of any problem.


> Download Link <[/url][/size][/color] ( http://www.millarnet.com/keripo/[/url] ) If you have any other freeware/shareware programs that aren't trial limited, please post and I'll add them to the package. If there are any programs with legal conflictions for distribution (this is for non-commercial and personal purposes, remember), please post. Also keep in mind that even programs such as the iPod Updater are distributed freely :wink: ~Keripo iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=14570

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