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ZeroNet Alpha Testing!!!

Well, after finally getting the podzilla legacy compiling environment set up, big thanks to mundi-my-man, I’ve found time to finally put together the ZeroNet system and make some few starting modules for alpha testing! The system requires a fresh re-installation as it uses a modified userland that has an integrated and fully working advanced-rc system in-place. Best yet, because of these modifications, once the base system installation is done, you’ll (hopefully) never need to touch that linux partition ever again – all module files and dependancies will exist outside in the data/music partition, where its easy access (especially for Window users Wink ). Note again this is only the alpha testing stage, so not all features are implemented (ie, the launcher’s mechanism is only temporary).

Also note that this is also for end-user testing only, so if you don’t know what Floyd2illA or such is, this isn’t the place to ask or get help on. All posts in this thread should either be posts of success/error reporting (informative please!) or suggestions with detailed ideas. No spam/useless opinions tolerated, even if it is a simple “This sucks >_<” or This is awsome! ^_^ “. Also, don’t forget what OS you’re using and what iPod model/generation you have.

Either way, here’s the link to the downloads;

> http://www.millarnet.com/keripo/ <

Windows users can download the Windows installer.
Linux users may try the Linux installer – theoretically it should work but I haven’t tested it (if not, install iPL through other methods and do a direct installation of the userland by yourself).
Mac OSX users – I’ve created an experimental installer through modifying kajow’s iPL installation script. I have no idea if it works or not, but try it! (and report your results!)
Unfortunately I can’t seem to extract the .dmg image of the MacInstaller (I tried dmg2iso but didn’t work), so I’m unable to create one. You can, however, manually install the userland like Linux users. If someone is willing, however, a modified MacInstaller with the ZeroNet userland would be appreciated)

[ Also note that this does mean ZillaZero’s finally gone – ZZ was proof of concept, ZN now is practical application ].


1. Download the installer and run it as you would with the official Installer 2 Networkless. This installs the base userland of ZeroNet. Follow the instructions in the ReadMe from Keripo.txt. After this, you won’t need it much more.
Note: For testing purposes, I highly recommend that you do first wipe your iPod clean and start from a fresh restore. Not doing so may mean that previous iPodLinux files may cause interference. For Windows users, a handy HP USB Format Tool’s included.

2. Download the ZeroNet modules and put em in any folder (making e a folder called “ZeroNet Modules” in the installer folder’s fine). Extract each of the modules tar.gz’s preferrably into their own separate folders for organization (if you have WinRar, right click the tar.gz and choose “Extract to /*Tar.gz-name*/”). If you extract them directly to the current folder, you may have conflicts.

3. Copy all files under the “_root” folder of each module directly to the root of your iPod. In the process, there will be multiple times where you will be asked if you want to overwrite the “ZeroNet” folder and other folders. Say yes to all.
Note: in the root of your iPod you should have a folder named “ZeroNet”, not “_root”. ie, “E:/ZeroNet/”

4. Startup iPodLinux and start the alpha testing!!!

System/Modules Specs n Info:

ZeroNet system

– Allows modularity for ZeroLauncher items
[All dependancies are self contained – adding and removing consists of only deleting one folder and the launching script for ZeroLauncher]

– Advanced rc system;
> Calls upon sub-scripts for different aspects of startup
> Allows execution of customizable Miscellaneous and Custom scripts
> Loader2Args and minix support
> Minix-shell and old shell start file support [minix start files need to be named “startm” while old shell start files use “start”]
> Logs startup actions to logfiles in /var/log
^ Hides start-up scrolling text
[Note: this causes a slight slow-down in startup, but its worth it]

– Symlinks for system fonts (/mnt/ZeroNet/Miscellaneous/Fonts)
– Usage of /root symlink for direct /mnt/ZeroNet access
– Slightly stipped down with removal of a few un-needed system folders
[ ie /lib, /var/*, /sys, etc. not necessary (?) for startup/runtime ]
– Loader 2 configuration and iPL kernel located in the fat32 partition


– Modified BleuLlauncher temporarily using the BleuLaunch launching mechanism til a more flexible and configurable one’s in place.
– Launches modules via shell scripts
– Sub-menus for organization [Zillas, Arcade, Misc, Tools]
– Temp setup allows 7 scripts under each each sub-menu
– Built-in MPD CLIENT!!!
– Slightly modified settings sub-menu order for preference ; ) [Filebrowser at top]

Note: A copy of the base system and ZeroLauncher module is included in the installer – if there are updates, overwrite the old version with the new one.


– Startup activated via the Miscellaneous script (located in the fat32 partition – easy adding and removal)
– Binary hex-edited for relative mpd.conf location [don’t know how to recompile]
– Config file modified so all files dependancies are created/located within the “MusicPlayerDaemon” folder
– Will be used as the standard playback system for the ZeroNet system

Note: As I haven’t implemented the KillAll, KillMPD and StartMPD binaries yet nor a method of killing ZeroLauncher, at this stage you will not be able to launch anything sized 1 mb or more [PodzillaZero, Floyd2illA, iDoom, etc] upon having MPD running at the same time. Even having MPD activated but not running in the background may mean that you won’t be able to use some things such as iDoom. It is suggested that you start MPD playback after you have your selected zilla started.

PodzillaZero: [Zillas/Launch Item # 1]

– Modified podzilla legacy from CVS
– Integrated MPD client and MikMod support
[MikMod experimental as I’ve never used nor tried it before]
[default MikMod file located at “/root/MikMod/default.mik” – doesn’t exist so you’ll have to make it yourself]
– Integrated PodWrite!!! (create/open/edit text files via menu or filebrowser, file/folder renaming supported)
– Modified settings sub-menu orders for preference ; )

Floyd2illA: [Zillas/Launch Item # 2]

– Modified Floyd2illA, latest from Daniel Long’s site
– Integrated MPD client and MikMod support [see PodzillaZero for details about MikMod support]
– All file locations modified as to have them relative to the binary (mostly located in ../Misc/)
– Separate config file than PodzillaZero’s
– Working iBoy and iDoom shortcuts
[Note that I haven’t made iBoy and iDoom modules yet, but if you want to test the shortcuts, for iBoy, copy the binary to /root/iBoy/Binary/ and the iboy.cfg file to /mnt, while for iDoom, copy all files to /root/iDoom/Binary/]
– Modified settings sub-menu orders for preference ; )

iBoy: [Arcade/Launch Item # 1]

– Modified iBoy v 0.3.3 – bholland’s source
– Colour, 4G and Mini versions [4G n Mini need testin]
– “Settings” submenu for organization
– “.gb” filter removed – Able to play Gameboy/Colour games regardless of extension (will all handle as if with a .gb extension) No more renaming!
– Additional “Credits” function under the “Settings” submenu [utilizes the err_msg function]

iBoy Experimental (0.7.0): [Arcade/Launch Item # 2]

– Hex edited iBoy 0.7.0
– Overwrites current kernel with modified version for full colour support
– More modifications/updates to come as Ducky n Fellni release updates and the source ; )

More to come as these get tested and I work on others

To do:

– PodzillaZero tuxchess save location > ../Misc/TuxChess.data
– change default “start” files to be run by the minix shell while “startold” files be run using the old shell


– iDoom – Wad location modification
[Two different binaries – one for alternate doom1.wad and one for absolute doom1.wad location while relative doom2.wad location]
[Allows space saving via sharing of the doom1.wad]

– ViPodzilla
[Just like Floyd2illA – modify into a ZN module]

– Podzilla 2 – Variants for modules
[Versions that reads modules organized by category in different locations]
[ie Podzilla 2 – Arcade, Podzilla 2 – Tools, Podzilla 2 – Misc, Podzilla 2 – All, etc]
[Try compiling with built-in modules (ie filebrowser, podwrite, etc)] – Experiment!
[Recompile the libstdcxx module stripped down to allow for MPD to work without the “out-of-memory” error] – Experiment!

– Encyclopodia
[Get it working on non-supported iPods via Podzilla 2]

– MVPD support

– Fonts pack – all that exist that work on the iPod ; )

– Minimalistic/specialized zilla builds – If I have time to kill
[Filebrowzilla, Podwritilla, Videozilla, Arcadilla, Mewzikilla, Devzilla, Toolzilla, Mediazilla, etczilla]

– Atari800 – Experiment!
[Try different builds for different models]

– Build my Project Gutenberg Dictionary port into an .epodia file

– iNes, Mame, NeoGeo, etc. – whatever else there is!
– Podzilla Desktop, 4-win, iTanks, etc – all that historical stuff

[ Note: I probably won’t get furthur after Podzilla 2 before I decide for a beta release ]

Will do, after [low priority]:

– absolute AND relative paths to files
– Memory saving binaries (KillAll, KillMPD, StartMPD)
– integrate PodWrite (minimal) into ZeroLauncher
– alternate ZeroLauncher launching mechanism via filebrowser-type

– GUI Installer with ZeroNet module management ; )


Enjoy the system, but remember, this is not for release – this is for alpha testing only!!!

That means that if you’re going to post, post informatively and be of use/feedback or don’t post at all. And don’t expect to get replies unless they’re updates or bug fixes.

And as a final note, remember that I am not a true programmer and I am not creating anything new here. I am instead designing a system for iPodLinux to use that allows for the easy installation and usage of already-made iPodLinux applications. If you are requesting a new feature, make sure it is something that is doable and has already been done so that I have an example to work with (ie “How about integrating menu icons into ZeroLauncher?” vs “Mak Zer0Lncher play compressd videoz! Rar4rarr!!!”)

So if you’ve got bugs to report or (good) suggestions to make, please post. Only relevant information here. If you’ve got nothing but your opinion, “This is neat” or other spam, go to the off-topic threads instead Wink


Ps. New note for testers:


To be able to best make this user-friendly, it would be better to have default settings that are acceptable for all iPod models. The main settings I am looking for are wheel sensitivity, button debounce, and contrast. Remember to leave your iPod model and describe the settings in terms of how much the bar is filled (Use the scale 1 to 10, with 1 being a completely empty bar, 5 in the middle, and 10 full to the end). If you notice that changing a setting doesn’t make any significant impact, report the setting as “null”. For example, a typical iPod nano setting would be;

Model: nano
Wheel Sensitivity: 5
Debounce: null (No idea what this does)
Contrast: null (Colour iPods shouldn’t be affected by contrast)


iPL forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=16832
Mirror: http://keripo.com/static/projects/ipl/forums/Linux%20On%20iPod%20%20%20View%20topic%20-%20ZeroNet%20%5BOld,%20see%20ZeroSlackr%5D.htm

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