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Podzilla 2 Modified: Modules & Schemes on Data Partition

Here’s a modified version of podzilla 2 (from SVN, July 4th, thanks Rufus!) configured so that most paths are relative. Everything is in one neat folder to be placed in the main data partition. Paths have been modified so that modules and scheme files are read from the data partition instead of the Linux partition (yay for Windows users!). No symlinks are required and you won’t get any type of “blackboxes” or scheme saving problems (if you followed things correctly).

All modifications are referenced to a single “mods.h” header file (with the exception of a few in-code customizations). Everything was compiled via my Slax tutorial. All source is included in the “PZ2Mod/src” folder.

Installation needs access to the Linux partition for creating the “sandbox” folder and editing the “rc” file. For Windows users, LTools should be fine. If you do not know how to use it or how to do any of the steps, do not ask – I will not respond nor provide any support for this. This is just proof-of-concept testing – only post if there are any bugs or issues. If there is a modules compatibility issue, make sure the module works on older versions first before posting here – I only added the official SVN modules by default and non-official modules may have their own bugs (I already know, however, that PodPaint doesn’t seem to save properly and my compiled MandelPod freezes PZ2Mod).

Here’s the “Instructions.txt”:

”Installation.txt” wrote:
Podzilla 2 Modified [Proof of Concept] Installation Instructions
1. Copy this folder to the data partition of your iPod (ie. where the “iPod_Control” and “Notes” folder is). You should have something like E:/PZ2Mod
2. Copy module folders into the PZ2Mod/Modules folder and scheme files into the PZ2Mod/Schemes folder. Some modules and schemes from SVN have already been added.
3. In your iPod’s Linux partition, create an empty folder named “sandbox”
4. Navigate to /bin of your iPod’s Linux partition. Create a symlink from “minix” to “cd” (ie. “ln -s minix cd” while in /bin)
5. Navigate to /etc and edit the “rc” file. Replace the “exec podzilla” line with two lines: “cd /mnt/PZ2Mod” then “exec /mnt/PZ2Mod/Podzilla2Mod”.
6. Save the changes to your rc file and make sure the permissions are still rwx (ie. “chmod ugo+rwx rc”).
7. Reboot your iPod and enjoy a modified version of podzilla 2 ; )

Note: You can compile this from the provided source, but you’ll still need to hex-edit the final binary as explained in the “mods.h” comments. You should also make sure you have the “Sabine_Doscbthm.fnt” and “EspySans-13.fnt” fonts installed in “/usr/share/fonts” as they are the two defaults used (maybe later I’ll add in a “Fonts” folder that PZ2Mod can redirect to). All extra files can be found the the “_Linux Partition” folder of the source folder.

Remember that this is only proof-of-concept, however, and is just a fore-runner to the modified PZ2’s I’ll be using for my next ZeroNet-like system (most likely to be named “ZeroSlackr” ; P ). So if this works, don’t expect any more updates till I start the ZeroSlackr beta testing ; )


Download link: (includes main folder and source)

> Main Download Folder <[/url] (Podzilla2Mod.tar.gz mirror)[6.1 MB] (Podzilla2Mod.7z mirror)[1.5 MB] Remember again that this is just PROOF-OF-CONCEPT and I won't provide much support for practical use. So don't ask ; P ~Keripo iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=27109

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