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Project ZeroSlackr (Sneak Peak)

Its Sneaky Peaky Time!

ReadMe from Keripo.txt wrote:
\\ ========================= //
………………..ZeroSlackr iPL
…………….Created by Keripo
……….Sneak Preview [2007/9/17]
// ========================= \\

This is a sneak preview release of the upcoming ZeroSlackr system for iPodLinux. As of writing, ZeroSlackr is a custom installational framework for iPodLinux that integrates numerous customized and unofficial iPL applications created by the iPodLinux community.

This sneak preview version uses the most up-to-date code and materials available. This means that it contains many unstable applications and code, some possibly still in their alpha/beta stages; things will freeze, crash, and possibly explode. Again, neither the original authors nor myself will provide any support for this, so don’t ask.

The installer being used is a make-shift modified version of AriX’s iPL Manager (used with Ari’s permission). The command line version of 7-zip is also packaged with it. The banner and icons were created by myself (Keripo). The installer will patch your iPod’s bootloader with Loader 2.4, then batch extract over a bunch of files, but nothing else (no partitioning, thus no loss of music files, etc.). The installed ZeroSlackr will use a modified userland and runs a modified kernel up-to-date patches (5.5g volume patch, IDE patch, iBoy patch, and loop-mounting “patch”).

The current launcher/interface used is (the new) ZeroLauncher, a heavily modified Podzilla 2 build. All the stable ZeroSlackr Packs I’ve created so far have been packaged with the installer and should install without needing any setup (with the exception of igpSP, which needs a legal bios file). All packs are automatically integrated into ZeroLauncher and can be launched from there. Due to the kernel’s prevailing memory bug, while all applications can be run and exited (excluding igpSP, which requires a hard reboot due to too much memory usage), running and exiting numerous applications WILL crash your iPod from insufficient memory (after which you can just reboot and everything will be fine). This is a general kernel issue that affects all of iPodLinux.

In addition to ZeroLauncher and the various packs, a few public domain roms are also included. These roms are public domain and can be legally distributed. In addition, unless otherwise stated in the original source, all materials packaged here should be covered by GPL (which you can find just about anywhere).

As a final note, remember that this is a sneak preview release – nothing more. No support from anyone. No responsibilites accepted. If you want help, help yourself (if you want to help me with coding, on the otherhand, find me ^_^). The purpose of this release is just to see the general end-user reaction and see the amount of interest in this project.

Theres numerous more packs I plan to and can easily make (eg. mvpd, iPodMAME, ScummVM, Wikipodia, etc.) and I will be (trying to) implementing MPD (effectively) such that one can listen to music as well. A modified Loader 2 will also be compiled some time with features similar to custom ones like iLoadz. In addition, an actual pack manager/installer is in the works, allowing you to select which Slackr packs you want to install/update/uninstall. This all depends, however, on the amount of free time I have and the wants of the iPL community. And if you didn’t get it already, Project BlueSky asked for features; Project Azure Sky delivers them ; )


Remember: Noooooo support! That means that no matter how hard you try nor how ever many times you post here, I won’t say a word. Apart from that, enjoy the sneak preview and please leave a comment on your thoughts!


>> ZeroSlackr + iPL Installer (Sneak Preview) <<
Mirror: “Project Azure Sky (Sneak Peak).7z” file

>> iDoom-Mod Wad Expansion Pack <<
(Folder contains 23 working wads – Install this manually through a 7-zip extraction to the correct folder)

>> PZ2-Mod Modules <<
(Will compile tomorrow – Install this manually through a 7-zip extraction to the ZeroSlackr/PZ2Mods folder)

>> Raw source <<
(Here is the source of all the compiled binaries as required by GPL. Keep in mind that this would be the source for this sneak preview version, which may be slightly different from the source I’m currently working on (as I’m still in the process of changing many things). As well, I forgot to mention that the userland used (ZeroSlackr.ext3) was also modified by loop-mounting it on Slax, and the files used to start it up (ie. init, rc-mod) were also either edited or hex-edited. If you want to know the exact details for the hex editing or anything else, just send me a PM.)


Current Slackr Packs:
(in alphabetic order)
– Floyd2illA
– iBoy
– iDarcNES
– iDoom-Mod
– iGameGear
– igpSP
– Podzilla0-Lite
– Podzilla2-Mod
– ZacZilla
– ZeroLauncher (base)

Rough ToDo List:
(quick update as of Testing release)
Working in Testing release:
– Atari800
– iPodMame
– DemoScene nano demo
– ViPodzilla
– iLaunch
Working on own iPod:
– iGens
– ScummVM
– MVPlayer
– Wikipodia
– PalmZilla
– Poke-Zilla
Haven’t tried:
– iNeoGeo
– iZilla
– iNES (too buggy)
– XZilla (no progress)

– LET Basic
– Lua
– Ncurses
– Python
– toolchain for iPod
– pdPod
– Connect 4
– iRoids
– iTanks
– Lemmings/PodPool/PodGolf
– miscellaneous other stuff (need to do some searching through computer)

Known Issues:
– Starting volume problems due to incompatibility with the iBoy patch
– You can avoid this by first starting up iBoy or by changing the iDarcNES volume via menu
– Will recompile with fix when have time
– Incompatibility with numerous modules compiled before a certain SVN revision date (or possibly TTK issue)
– Will do a mass module recompiling and release
– memory issues and tiny nano menu
– make bigger menu, can’t fix memory issue ; /
And more miscellaneous issues from originals.


Alpha Testers:
Keripo Test Account (Keripo) – nano
ichealmay8 (Mike) – 5.5g video
soleambeati (Zero) – 5g video
Waldo (Brandon) – 5g video

More Thanks:
AriX (Ari) – Installer
Zacaj (Zack) – Source n support
LAva (Jochen) – Kernel compiling help
DataGhost (?) – Non-partitioning method help (not really)
Der Papsta (?) – Something I forgot >_>
iLauncher (?) – Questions


Ps. For those who think this will just be another one of those “generic, one-click installers”, look again carefully at the files ; )

Sourceforge project registered: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zeroslackr/
See the SVN for the latest source code.

iPL forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=27935
Mirror: http://keripo.com/static/projects/ipl/forums/Linux%20On%20iPod%20%20%20View%20topic%20-%20%5BOld%5D%20ZeroSlackr%20Framework%20-%20Testing%20Release.htm

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