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Project ZeroSlackr (Testing Release)

This is a testing release that tests MPD with ZeroLauncher. It installs the latest svn’d alpha build of ZeroLauncher with modified mpd and mpdc modules (modified 0.4 versions with mpd-ke), as well as updated SVN schemes and fonts, a freshly recompiled kernel (should be the same though) and the stable, official loader 2.5r5 (I’ll compile my own later).

Install by running the “ZeroSlackr-Installer-ZL+MPD-Test-Release.bat” batch file. It should install Loader2 and extract the ZeroSlackr system. If you’ve installed the Sneak Peak release of ZeroSlackr, please disable the old SlackrPacks by remove the old “Packs” folder (or just renaming it to something else). Due to many the changes I’ve made to ZeroLauncher, compatibility with the Sneak Peak release packs is probably broken.

After you’ve installed this, copy your song files directly to the “Music” folder and reboot into iPodLinux, ZeroLauncher. On the first startup, you will get an “Unable to connect to MPD” error. This is because I disabled MPD by default. Toggle the “Enable MPD” setting, then quit ZeroLauncher or reboot. The second time around, MPD will be enabled but database updating will be disabled. Toggle the “MPD Update” setting, then quit ZeroLauncher or reboot your iPod. This time around, during startup MPD should update its database (please be patient during the updating “white screen” step). After the database successfully updates, I recommend you reboot your iPod one last time for memory sake.

Please keep in mind that this is just a “working” test release. I am aware that, due to memory issues, ZeroLauncher may freeze at times. Also, due to MPD’s memory-hogging-ness, if you enable MPD, things will be pretty slow and you will be unable to launch anything else (but you will get pretty smooth playback suppose you don’t do crazy things). I will try to find a work-around for this but I may not be able to.

Otherwise, please report any issues/success you have. If you’re willing, try tweaking with some of the MPD configurations and post if you find config changes that’ll improve playback. Keep in mind that this is just a test release. Unless there’s anything major, I won’t update this until the final ZeroSlackr beta release Wink

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iPL forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=28499
Mirror: http://keripo.com/static/projects/ipl/forums/Linux%20On%20iPod%20%20%20View%20topic%20-%20%5BOld%5D%20ZeroSlackr%20Framework%20-%20Sneak%20Peak%20Release.htm

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