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Keripo Kernel Builds: Loop-mount/Normal + iBoy Patches

I was in the process of setting up Project ZeroSlackr‘s SVN properly (using patches rather than hard-coding) and I finally perfected my auto-compiling script for the kernel. And since I’ve seen a large demand for such kernels, heres a pre-release of my unofficial kernel builds.

The archive contains two kernel versions; a normal one and one that uses the loop-mount method (i.e. DataGhost’s non-partitioning installation method), which is compatible with ZeroSlackr and Ari’s iPodLinux Manager. Both versions also have the latest SVN patches (revision 2257 I believe from today) as well as the iBoy volume patches for the newer iBoy builds. Also, I’ve created and included easy-to-use .patch files for the iBoy volume patch and DataGhost’s loop-mount method, as well as the auto-compiling script I wrote (though it won’t work unless you set things up like how I have on my Cygwin environment).

So, here are the files. Keep in mind that these files are unofficial builds that are unsupported by the core iPL dev team. Still, as of the moment, they’re the best kernels you’ll find ; )

[Wiki Mirror]


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=28064

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