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xmp – Extended Module Player

”xmp.sourceforge.net” wrote:
The Extended Module Player, or xmp, is a portable command-line module player for Unix and Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, Solaris, HP-UX and MacOS X, and also QNX, BeOS, Windows, OS/2 and AmigaOS. Xmp plays over 80 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC.

I did a simple cross-compile with a few modifications See below for the wiki page and a pre-compiled pz2 module. Select a supported file (see xmp’s official page[/url]) via file browser and xmp will be launched as an external application (requires a nightly pz2 build from the [[Downloads]] page). The command-line xmp binary can also be launched via loader2 or a script file.

During playback, use the iPod’s forward/rewind buttons to skip patterns. Press the play/pause button to pause/resume playback and the menu button to exit xmp. Playlist support has not yet been added here and neither has volume control (5/5.5g owners, beware and Protect Your Ears), though it should not be hard to implement that (will just make scroll-wheel change volume). I’ll probably be doing a proper port (i.e. porting it into an actual pz2 module, most likely using a mpdc and mikmod borrowed interface/code) later (after which I’ll add a pz2 module page).

Try the module with various different supported files. It should be able to play just about all of mikmod’s supported formats and much more (no APUN, DSM or UNI, but almost 70 more formats), though I’ve only tested it with a few. You can find hundreds of free files at The Mod Archive[/url]; download some and test them with the above archive. Also try testing different formats (you’ll need to find other sites) that the official site has listed. Please post your results and feedback here. Thanks!

Wiki page: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/xmp (needs cleaning up)
PZ2 module: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Xmp-1.0.tar.gz
(need a nightly pz2 build and file browser module)

Formats confirmed to work (to be updated):
xm, s3m, it, mod


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29331

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