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PiCalc – Calculate digits of pi on your iPod

As the title hints, this podzilla2 module uses a cross-compiled pi-agm binary to calculates digits of pi. It uses the terminal module to allow for input.

Due to a bug in the terminal module, backspacing will not work (I would link to a trac ticket if trac wasn’t down – if you have the time to fix it, a patch would be greatly welcomed). If you make an input mistake, just exit and re-enter the window and re-input things carefully. Once the calculations are done, pi-agm will exit and the calculated values will be saved in a text file located where-ever your current working directory is (e.g. mine saved to “/pi8k.txt”).

Here’s the readme:

”ReadMe wrote:
Last updated: Feb 18, 2008

Calculates digits of pi via pi-agm. Uses the terminal module for input.
Saves output to working directory (most likely root “/pi##.txt”).
Was able to calculate 8192 digits in 37 seconds (used “8k”, “2”, “-1”).

pi-agm is written by Carey Bloodworth.
Source code downloaded from myownlittleworld.com

To compile pi-agm, extract the original source code, replace the
“${LD} ${LDFLAGS} ${OUT_FILE} .o ${MATH_LIBS}” line of your intended
target in src/Makefile with “${CC} ${LDFLAGS} -o ${OUT_FILE} .o ${MATH_LIBS}”
and compile with “make fft-hartley CC=arm-elf-gcc LDFLAGS=-elf2flt”
(you can replace fft-hartley with whichever type you want). This will give
an unoptimized pi-agm binary that you can run on iPodLinux. I may port this
as a proper podzilla2 module later when I have time.

(Note that when I say “when I have time”, it doesn’t necessarily mean anytime soon ; P


Knock yourselves out :wink:


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29515

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