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[PWI] Fight Club: Desiree vs Rome

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Old school unbuffed, full chi, 1v1 open PvP on PWI-Harshland server. Rome, lvl 101 sage str-vit HA axe BM vs Desiree, lvl 101 demon pure-vit arcane veno. Total of six for-fun fights, each lasting on average 5 mins (footage is sped up 3.5x) before we decided to stop for the day (and get some sleep). Lessons learned: nix-stun BMs right after the purge to prevent them from re-magic marrowing and use VACUITY powders – completely forgot that I had a few in my inventory ; (. Background music is arcade/PS2 video game Melty Blood: Actress Again’s background music Ryougi Shiki’s Theme.

PWI Forums: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=836672

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