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[RO] Pandemonium – Aggression vs Revenge GvG, Revelation Online 2017-05-07 (NA Darkfall)

“Pandemonium”, GvG video for Revelation Online
Recorded by Desiree, lvl 69 Vanguard, 2017/05/07
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/keripo
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TehKeripo
Revelation Online: https://ro.my.com/
Aggression: https://ro.my.com/forum/thread/38501-agg-aggression-na-darkfall-hardcore-pvp-gvg-guild/
Discussion: https://ro.my.com/forum/thread/52124-video-pandemonium-aggression-vs-revenge-gvg-revelation-online-2017-05-07-na-dark/

Video footage from this weekend’s GvG between Aggression and Revenge on the NA Darkfall server. Me and a small handful of old Last Resort members had just recently joined the Aggression guild (after some disagreements with Relevant’s leadership on future guild direction) so this was our first time PvPing with them, but we felt right at home with the group PvP style. In this video, I’ve included some snippets of our Discord voice comms, which, to those who are not used to the style, may sound a feel a bit chaotic, hence the name of this video. Regardless, it was a really fun fight and shoutouts to Revenge for accepting the GvG challenge. Looking forward to more PvP like this in the future!

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