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Japan Trip 2012 – Asakusa & Akihabara

So right after finishing university, my friends and I decided to go to Japan for our graduation trip (May-June 2012). Japan was a high in our choice of destintion for a vacation. For my friends, it was of cultural interest and a new place to see. For me, it was the Holy Land of anime, and also the place where my figure collecting hobby would emerge. But the loots and food blog entries will come at the end.

The following series of “Japan Trip 2012” blog posts will simply be pictoral guides of my adventure through Japan. I’ll try to caption most of the pictures and include as many anime-related pictures as possible. Sets of photos are roughly in chronological order, though some places (aka Akihabara) will have multiple sets since we went back there multiple times. There’s 30 or so albums of photos from my Japan trip, and each blog post will contain 2-4 albums worth, so prepare your mouse for a lot of scrolling. So without further ado, enjoy the tour!


We were thirsty when we got off. Thankfully, Japan’s vending machins had us covered.

The Japan Rail Pass. Has to be bought outside of Japan, absolute must if you plan on travelling from city to city across Japan.

Suica card. A rechargable tap-and-go card that you’ll be using for buying Metro train/bus tickets, as well as use at vending machines and even some stores. For the Tokyo area only

Fancy high tech trains

It was night time when we arrived ; /

Japanese currency


First sign of anime spotted – pachinko parlour using Evangelion promotional material

Walking around

An interior plaza

There happened to be a festival of sort going on that day

School boys and girls everywhere

Typical shrine stuff

Classical gold fish scooping game – apparently I was pretty good at it (but of course we didn’t keep any)

Drink the holy water or use it to wash your hands

More shrine stuff

Me making a prayer

Traditional yukata

Japan really loves Chopper

If you want to buy a yukata


Akihabara – Quick Tour

Yup, I’m finally here! *tear*

Lots of electronics

I really, really wanted to pick up some books right then, but I knew I should avoid impulse buying (at least on day one)

Apparently an Oreimo PSP game was set to release soon


I ended up giving in and buying not one, but two figures – Shining Wind’s Touka Kureha[/url= and FREEZING’s (badass) Satellizer el Bridget[/url= <3 (they were bought at full retail price – I later cried a bit inside when I discovered the discounted prices of Mandarake/etc.)

There’s a LOT of Gashapon machines everywhere – rows and rows of em

Gundam Cafe!!! Unfortunately the place was way too crowded so we didn’t end up sittin down for food. Did get a few waffles though, which tasted surprisingly good

Beside the Gundam Cafe was the AKB48 cafe, with an even longer line up (there also apparently was some event going on). Why people would prefer AKB48 over Gundam, I do not comprehend…

Walking around Akiba

Taito Arcades and SEGA arcades everywhere

Comic Toranoana

Don don don, don don don, don quijoooteeeee!

We went to our first maid cafe. Unfortunately no pics allowed inside so I’ve got nothing, except one I got taken with a maid, but no one will ever see that one ;P

Gamers, home of Di Gi Charat! One of the few things I really wanted to get in Japan was a big Puchiko plushie, but not only did I discover that this Gamers didn’t have any Puchiko merchandise of interest, such a plushie doesn’t even exist ;<

There’s a LOT of maid cafes in the area and wandering maids handing out flyers. Maids usually don’t allow getting their picture taken though, so I don’t have any

We had some sake to end the day. I also fell in love with sake. More on this later.

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