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Japan Trip 2013 – Tenshi no Sato and Kyoto Station

See Flickr for the complete photo set

Went to Tenshi no Sato (aka Angel’s Den) in Kyoto for my last traveling day in Japan. For those who don’t know, Tenshi no Sato is the Super Dollfie/Dollfie Dream haven (reservation required). Took a bunch of pics there with my new DDH-07 dollfie (see next blog post), then we wandered around Kyoto Station a bit.

Yet another Shinkansen trip ^_^

Wandering around Kyoto station a bit

Walking to Tenshi no Sato

Itasha spotted!

Entrance of Tenshi no Sato

Reception area

Downstairs was the shop – bought a full body stocking there and a pair of shoes

Main floor had this amazing setup with plenty of places to photograph your dolls (see next blog entry)

Names of important people?

Upstairs was the Super Dollfie museums. Here’s a small sample, see the full Flickr set for all pics

Upstairs had more nice setups. Didn’t take as many pics as it was approaching closing time.

Some paroramas

Outside the museum building was a beautiful Japanese garden… had to take lots of pics!

Closing time. I actually got locked inside cause I was in the garden when they closed, so one of the workers had to let me out through the side door.

Pretty exhausting day for this cute DDH-07, back to sleep she goes!

Exploring Kyoto station now that I have time

Ramen for dinner of course!

Had to top it off with some mango shaved ice!

Kyoto station at night looked pretty nice too

Wait… ramune… in a can???

And that concludes the series of blog posts for my summer 2013 trip to Japan. Hope you all enjoyed the photos and one day get a chance to visit the holy land as well!


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Figure.fm: http://www.figure.fm/en/post/49891/Japan+Dollfie+Tenshi+no+Sato.html

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