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Japan Trip 2013 – Fujiko F Fujio Museum

See Flickr for the complete photo set

Fujiko F Fujio Museum, the land of Doraemon and other works done by Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko.

Stopped by a random cafe for breakfast. It was vegetarian. Tasted surprisingly good though.

Some train station pics

Special Doraemon-themed shuttle directly to the museum ^_^

Outside the museum were some windowed display cases… I wonder how many of these have MFC entries xD

Bought tickets and a nice lady led us in. Unfortunately photos aren’t allowed inside except a few designated locations, so no pics, soz! Imagine a typical art museum with artwork/replicas everywhere, short films showing the drawing process or clips from the various animes, and a hand-held guide that tells you stuff when you dial the exhibit’s number.

In the rest area half way through the museum was this fun water pump

The washrooms were pretty funny

The cafe had some fun looking food

One area I was allowed to take pics of was the open play area. The gashapon machine there was pretty impressive

We watched a special feature short film there. Like with Mei to Koneko Bus at the Ghibli Museum, the Japanese was actually simple enough that I could understand most of what was going on. Not knowing much of Doraemon didn’t really help though xD

It was about Sewashi Nobi running away from home and jumping into the future, then helping out a boy and his family struggling to run a hotel… if anyone knows the MAL entry for it, I’d greatly appreciate a link!

Outside was a nice open grassy area with statues and a bunch of references to Doraemon, Perman, Q-taro, and other Fujiko Fujio works

Nice panorama of the area

Gift store was full of stuff that I didn’t buy

Taking the shuttle back

This is a pear jelly drink. It immediately became my favourite drink of the entire Japan trip.

Stay tuned for more Japan Akihabara goodness!


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