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Saber Alter ~Dress Ver~ 1/8 (Alter)

This Saber Alter figure was one of the Fate figures I bought during my first trip to Japan. Actually also just recently sold it to a friend since I found it not really fitting in with the rest of my collection (much prefer Solid Theater’s Saber Alter, which I previously reviewed). Took some pics of it before selling though so might as well do a quick review anyway.

My Black Servant Can’t Be This Cute

This is just the one of a long series of post-unboxing, backlogged TYPE-MOON figure reviews. After moving to my new place, I set up a nice corner of the room for figure photography and took a bunch of review-style photo sets of figures as I re-unboxed them. Most of these figures are second hand, B/B grade, so keep that in mind when going through the photos.

– Type: PVC figure
– Character: Saber Alter
– Version: Dress Ver
– Series: Fate/hollow ataraxia
– Company: Alter
– Sculptor: Kawahara Takayuki
– Release date: 2006/07/29 (Standard)
– Specs: 1/8, PVC, H=190 mm (7.41 in)
– Price: ¥4000
– JAN: 4560228201192

Alter product page
MyFigureCollection entry
Suruga-ya entry

Yahoo Japan Auctions

The box. As part of my first ever batch of figures, I did the dumb thing of throwing out the blister pack, hence the loose figure :(

A few parts

Super boring, ugly yellow base

Legs. I’m not sure if it’s just the figure I got or if it’s a general problem, but I found my Saber Alter leaning forward a LOT (like ~70* angle instead of straight 90*). My only solution to that was to heat up the angle/legs using a hairdryer, bend the legs backward some, then stick it in the freezer for a while so it keeps the bent back shape (temporarily). Over time it still ends up leaning forward though, sometimes enough to fall forward over in my display case

The boots are nicely detailed though, and I really like the shiny black glean

Boots connect to the base via pegs

The skirt is two parts – one outer black and one inner grey. I realized later that you can display Saber Alter without the inner grey skirt so that the panties are flashed (a la Saber Nero), but I didn’t think to try it, so no pics, sorry

Top part, with the head attached

The details on the outfit is pretty nice

Black Excalibur – the end fades into semi-transparent plastic

The detail on the stockings and panties were a bit unexpected. Note that the odd bumps you see aren’t signs of a bad paint job but rather water droplets/condensation from me sticking the leg part into the fridge.


Put together (Excalibur slips into the hand, loosely held). You’ll notice that it’s leaning backward due to my anti-lean from before.

So tame

With box

Obligatory upskirt


This figure is based on the following character sketch CG in the Fate/hollow ataraxia visual novel

This is also the same default outfit for Volk’s Saber Alter Dollfie Dream

Here’s one of my favourite Saber wallpapers, featuring Saber Alter in the very same outfit:


Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641639679563/
MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/11505/

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