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Caster Extra 1/8 (Phat Company)

It’s been a while since I took a break with figure collecting (mainly because my figure photography desk got invaded by my new desktop and miko Saber Lily) but I’m back with slowly chipping away at my To-Review list of TYPE-MOON figures.

Tonight, we have Caster Extra, the playful servant from the Fate universe’s spinoff PSP game, Fate/EXTRA. I haven’t played the game yet but it has official TYPE-MOON endorsement, so despite the char designs/art style not being Takeuchi’s (Fate/EXTRA character designs are by Wada Rco), I’ll acknowledge it as part of an alternate Nasuverse. Anyway, to the figure!

How can you say no to such a cheerful face?

This is just one of my many TYPE-MOON figure reviews. Past reviews can be found here while a list of upcoming reviews can be found here. Most of my TYPE-MOON figures are second hand, ~B/B grade, so keep that in mind when going through the photos.

  • Type: PVC figure
  • Character: Caster Extra
  • Version:
  • Series: Fate/EXTRA
  • Company: Phat!
  • Sculptor: iTANDi
  • Release date: 2012/01/10 (Standard), 2012/09/26 (Standard)
  • Specs: 1/8, PVC, H=200 mm (7.8 in)
  • Price: ¥7800
  • JAN: 4560308574079
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Lets start off with the colourful box, covered with artwork

In blister pack

Just three pieces: figure, mirror, and base

Pretty simple square base with a molded stub where one heel attaches

Caster’s Noble Phantasm is a mirror called Eightfold Blessing of Amateratsu, Amaterasu being a historical Japanese goddess of the sun. Here, it’s just a simple reflective mirror, but it’s nicely crafted and detailed. Attracts fingerprints though ^_^

On one side is a little peg hole which connects to Caster’s sleeve

Yes, it does actually reflect like a mirror ^_^

Here’s the foxy lady herself

A few closer looks. Nice sculpt, but not impressed with the paintjob quality…

The legendary shimapan…


Caster has a nice, fuwa-fuwa fox tail… I want one… ;3

Fox ears of course

Classy platform heels

The heels attach to the base. Not a tight fit, but secure enough

Connecting the mirror to the hand (the peg is actually on her sleeve)


I don’t know much about Fate/EXTRA, but here’s a random CG from the sequel (Fate/EXTRA CCC)

Another reason I like Caster (other than having a weak spot for kitsunemimis) is that she is a fellow sake lover ;3

If you have played Fate/EXTRA however and always wondered about the backs of the outfits, my favourite TYPE-MOON doujinshi circle, Crazy Clover Club, explains it well:


Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641639272273/
MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/12318

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