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Saber Extra EX Figure (SEGA)

Today we have the proud Saber Extra (aka. Saber Nero, aka Saber Red) from Fate/EXTRA. I usually don’t like collecting prize figures, but I try to collect at least one figure of each kind of Saber and the alternatives weren’t all too appealing (not a fan of Satoshi’s faces in Gift’s figure and Clayz’s 1/6 figure is way too big). I’m probably going to sell this once I find a Saber Bride figure that I like (have SEGA’s PM Figure preordered but it’s also a prize figure, and Alphamax’s looks tempting but a bit too boobaliscious…) Anyway, as Saber Nero would say, the show must go on!

The pose and expression of this figure doesn’t do Saber Nero’s flamboyant personality any justice

This is just one of my many TYPE-MOON figure reviews. Past reviews can be found here while a list of upcoming reviews can be found here. Most of my TYPE-MOON figures are second hand, ~B/B grade, so keep that in mind when going through the photos.

– Type: EX Figure (prize figure)
– Character: Saber Extra
– Version:
– Series: Fate/EXTRA
– Company: SEGA
– Sculptor:
– Release date: 2012/09 (Prize), 2011/08 (Prize)
– Specs: Prize figure, PVC, H=170 mm (6.63 in)
– Price: N/A
– JAN: N/A

SEGA product page (dead link, use Archive.org)
MyFigureCollection entry
Suruga-ya entry

Yahoo Japan Auctions

Same external box colour scheme as with Caster Extra, but with far less artwork (it’s just a prize figure after all)

Comes with main body, screwed on base, two heads, and sword

Saber Nero’s sword, Aestus Estus, is a fictional weapon, but arguably the coolest sword design of all the Saber swords (compared to Excalibur, Caliburn, proto-Excalibur, and dark Excalibur)

The prize figure comes with two heads; the left is in Wada Rco’s style (game style) whereas the right is in Takashi Takeuchi’s style

Wada Rco-style head – expression looks a bit too bland…

Takashi Takeuchi-style head – I generally prefer Takeuchi’s style, but this wasn’t drawn well at all…

Headless body!

Head pretty much just pops on, slightly loosely

The sword attaches via a peg in the arm

Together with the head

Lets take a closer look, alas, prize-figure quality

If you’re wondering about Saber Nero’s skirt, yes, its tranlucent



In the end, I have her displayed with Wada Rco’s head (first one) cause the Takeuchi-style one just doesn’t look right

Here’s a CG from the game

Wada Rco’s version of Saber Nero, from the Fate/EXTRA Visual Fanbook

Takashi Takeuchi’s version of Saber Nero, from the same book

Have you ever wondered how Fate/stay night would have been if all the servants were just Sabers?

As Crazy Clover Club comically explains, no, Saber Red actually isn’t the same person as Saber Blue

Oh, and about her outfit? As explained in Carnival Phantasm, “Fool! It’s not see-through. I’m letting people see!”


MyFigureCollection: http://myfigurecollection.net/blog/12327
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keripo/sets/72157641640220884/

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