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Japan Trip 2013 – Akihabara P2/P3 + Roppongi

See Flickr for the complete photo sets Back to Akihabara for more shopping! Like in Akihabara P1, these are just a sample of pictures (see Flickr sets for the rest)… I spent a lot of my time cataloguing each store for my upcoming Akihabara Shopping Guide, so these aren’t as flashy as the first post.

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Japan Trip 2013 – Nakano Broadway

See Flickr for the complete photo sets Nakano Broadway is a shopping mall right outside the Nakano station and at the end of another long covered mall. It is an otaku shopping heaven as it is also the birthplace of Mandarake, the famous chain of second hand anime goods (“second hand” being stuff like “minor box damages” or “opened once”, not “mysterious sticky stuff all over”).

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Japan Trip 2013 – Akihabara P1

So last year right after finishing university, my friends and I decided to go to Japan for our graduation trip. It was a blast and not only did we visit many new places, but it was also when I started down the road of figure collecting journey. This summer, just a bit over a year later, me and two other friends decided to return once again for a two week vacation!

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Akihabara Shopping Map 2013

NOTE: This is partially outdated, will post an updated map later. While planning out my Japan trip Akihabara shopping spree, I spend some a lot of time researching all the figure/doll/gunpla stores and mapping them out. I figure this might be useful for others in the future. Here’s the map and please let me know if you can think of any important stores in the Akihabara area that I missed ^_^ Online Google map link: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=216291585881164541606.0004c0510f2cf86838ec4

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