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[CABAL2] Cabal 2 First PvP Tournament (NA Open Beta)

First PvP Tournament for Cabal 2 NA open beta, Pegasus server Recorded by Desiree, lvl 40 Force Archer Discussion: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/gameplay-discussion/150661-video-cabal-2-first-pvp-tournament-na-open-beta Tournament: http://forum.cabal2.estgames.com/forum/cabal-ii-discussion/gameplay-discussion/112778-pvp-tournament Cabal 2: http://cabal2.estgames.com Here’s the video recording of Cabal 2 NA’s first open beta PvP tournament, organized by Shiory of [Onyx] and hosted by Desiree of [Last Resort]. Most of the footage has been sped up to 150-170% speed and trimmed down for time (especially the FS/PR fights). There was a total of 14 participants who showed up and a total of 16 duels. The tournament was single elimination, no items, self-buffs only. Battle Mode (BM) was allowed …

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[PWI] Perfect World International Competition

(Direct download) PWI Forums PWIC PWI info thread PWI Forums PWIC PWI roster thread PWI Forums PWIC PWI-HL thread WanMei2 PWIC page Perfect World International Harshland – Perfect World International Competition (PWIC), PWI. Stage 1 consisted of a free-for-all 7-way PvP tournament, with the top 7 land-holding factions represented by a squad of 6 +1 alternative. Stage 2 consisted of a timed PvE boss fight against a spawned Harpy Wraith. The results were as followed: Stage 1A: Catalyst vs Kylin vs Omerta vs Watchers — Catalyst won Stage 1B: Crimson vs Valhalla vs Insanity — Crimson won Stage 1C: Catalyst …

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[FW-NA] PIGuild Singles PvP Tournament

(Direct download) Forsaken World North America (Closed Beta 2) PvP Tournament – PIGuild Singles PvP Tournament. 2011-01-09 Singles PvP Tournament, sponsored by PIGuild. Captured by Moonlite, lvl 40 marksman (loli). Background music is “Faces” by Ashley Wallbridge & Andy Moor feat. Meighan Nealon from Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance Episode #483, followed by “My Blood” by Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon. Forsaken World Forums: http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=75251

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