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iPodLinux Podzilla 0 and Podzilla 2 Compiling Environment for Slax

This is the release of podzilla 0 and podzilla 2 compiling libraries packaged as Slax modules. They were created on Slax (KillBill) and can be treated as ordinary Slax modules. The “Compiling Environment” can be uselivemod’d, but the “Toolchain” modules may be too big. For the clueless, Slax is a live Linux distro that can be run from CD, USB or hard-drive – if you’re new to Slax (or Linux or live-CDs), check it out first before even downloading these modules). [Note: Not compatible with Slax 6]

The “iPL_Compiling_Environment” module contains the basic libraries needed to compile both podzilla 0 and podzilla 2 (separately) and may also compile other legacy applications such as iBoy. “iPL_Toolchain_v_2_95_3” is for PZ0 and legacy applications. “iPL_Toolchain_v_3_4_3” is for PZ2. If you plan on compiling only one of them, download only the corresponding toolchain (you do not need both). One-click compiling scripts as well as sample source files are also included. Files and folders are structured for ease-of-use and the entire package is generally user-friendly. Apart from the dependency of the development module, everything basically runs right out of the box. Basic knowledge/experience in compiling, however, is highly recommended. A start-from-scratch tutorial can be found here.

Complete ISO with all modules:

Individual modules:


For more podzilla 2 resources, see my old Cygwin thread

Quick Thanks
  • mundi (mundo) – massive PZ0 compiling support
  • michael (Michael) – general PZ2 help
  • Rufus? (Rufus) – SVN source and support
  • Ari (AriX) – general awsomeness ^_^ (and help of course)
  • Brandon (Waldo) – lending me his 30gb iPod video “voluntarily” Rolling Eyes Also for lending me some hosting space (main download) ; )
  • iPL Dev Team – Where art thou???

iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=26817

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