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diffutils, bash, ncurses, python (useless cross-compiles)

Just did a bit of cross-compiling without any real aim in mind.

diffutils (cmp, diff, diff3, sdiff)
– simple configure and make
– binaries run in terminal, didn’t bother actually testing on real files

bash (bash)
– configure with added “–with-gnu-malloc=no” and “void sh_xfree()” as instructed on [[Bash]]
– useless port since bash doesn’t use vfork :wink:

– straight cross-compile from latest source code (5.6)
– binaries run in terminal
– I’ve never used ncurses before so I have no idea how to actually make use of the cross-compile nor how to test it

– cross-compile with “configure” file edit (commented out lines 22496-22504 and 22583) from latest source code (2.5.2)
– binary runs in terminal
– same as with ncurses (never used before)

Download: http://www.box.net/shared/cxsj5odxxy

If ncurses or python is useful somehow, please reply with instructions of how to properly use them. I’m just a clueless cross-compiler :wink:


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29662

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