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tar, bzip2 and zip – Cmd-line archivers ported to iPodLinux

bzip2: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Bzip2-libbz2.a.tar.gz

tar: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Tar-libtar.a.tar.gz

zip: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Image:Zip.tar.gz

Uploads contain iPodLinux-usable binaries and libraries. Compiling instructions are in the descriptions. For more information, search Wikipedia.

This should conclude the porting of archiving tools to iPodLinux.
Ported list: unzip, unrar, zip, gzip, bzip2, tar (search the forums for the other ports or get them from the ZeroSlackr SVN)
See: http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Tar_for_iPod and http://ipl.derpapst.org/wiki/Gnutools


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29786

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