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[April Fools!] Installer 3.0-beta

This was an April Fools joke for April 1, 2008! Thanks for playing along!
(For the curious, no Apple did not send any unexpected donations and no 2G/3G nanos and 6G classics have not and will not be hacked for a long time due to reasons outlined here, here and here.)

After an unexpected, generous donation from Apple, a few of the core devs obtained a small stash of 2G nanos and 6Gs. Using some of the tools given to them by Apple and with the help of vpgtd, they were able to partially decrypt the iPods and get a semi-working iPodLinux kernel to boot. So far 2G nanos have both Loader2 and almost complete kernel support (piezo doesn’t work and clickwheel is a bit buggy) while 6G classics have some screen issues and freezes alot in podzilla2. They expect to have the 6G classic issues resolved in a few days though they don’t plan on adding the piezo to the 2G nanos. 3G nanos only have Loader2 working at the moment (apparently since 2G nanos look better than the 3G ones so it was assumed that more people will have 2G nanos) but its only a matter of time.

For those who want to test the progress, I’ve uploaded Windows and Linux (x86 only for now) beta builds of Installer 3.0 to the wiki. They will run the same as normal but already have built-in 2G nano and 6G classic support. 5.5G support, which has always been present in the private SVNs but never added to the public SVN, has finally been added.

As a bonus, I’ve set up a separate module repository (which Installer 3.0-beta automatically connects to) that allows Installer 3.0-beta to install unofficial applications. The repository includes everything that has been previously released with ZeroSlackr (almost everything in the Stable Snapshot and all the emulators in the Testing release) plus a few others that I haven’t before included in ZeroSlackr. As well, Installer 3.0 now has an extra option allowing for a partitionless install similar to ZeroSlackr/iPodLinux Manager. As a result, ZeroSlackr has become obsolete and will be discontinued (I will continue working on Installer 3)

Keep in mind that this is still just an experimental beta release AND MAY HAVE BUGS! It has been tested on and had success with a few iPods but there is no guarantee it’ll work with your iPod. If you decide to use the program, YOU ARE ACCEPTING ALL RESPONSIBILITIES FOR YOUR ACTIONS!

Other than that, hope you enjoy the release. The source code will be released shortly and the official SVN updated. If you have any questions or issues installing this, post in this thread!

April Fools!:wink:


iPodLinux forums: http://ipl.derpapst.org/oldforums/viewtopic.php?t=29822

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