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[FW-NA] Testing Open World PvP

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Forsaken World North America (Closed Beta 1) 2010-11-12 Testing Open PvP. Captured by Noblesse, lvl 30 human lightning mage. Background music is “Hands / GARNiDELiA*” by toku, vocals by MARiA, from the music circle Headphone-Tokyo. Not really 720p quality capture since I didn’t have my external hard drive ready so I only FRAPS’d at half size.

FW-NA CB1 just raised the lvl cap to 30 so it was a first-time open PvP experience for many of us. Still getting use to the targetting system as well as the non-rotating mini-map (I wish they used dots like PW instead of the huge helmet icons). Got to practice with hotkeying all my pots and my mana shield/ice barrier. Apart from that, pretty fun though I was disappointed a bit on my damage output (or lack thereof). Hopefully mage damage will scale higher end-game (or I just really need to better refine my gear).

RageQuit Inc.: http://rqclan.com
Forsake World Forums: http://fw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=52881

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