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[PWI] 2011-07-16 Crimson-DisOrdeR vs Kylin


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Perfect World International Harshland Territory War – Crimson vs Kylin 2011-07-16 for Hidden Orchid, followed by DisOrdeR vs Kylin 2011-07-16 for Wraith Swamp. Capture by starlightzz, lvl 101 demon venomancer. Background music is Gundam 00 insert song “Unlimited Sky” by Tommy heavenly6.

Something happened with Crimson’s defence as TW ended unexpectedly early. Most likely they full-guild-zerg’d Lane B and left no-one at base to defend, resulting in an easy win for Kylin.

PWI Forums: http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?t=1140771

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