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Dragon Nest Custom Costume – Argenta

DN 2011-09-09 00-46-20 Fri
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All Downloads (Mirror)

– Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-ar_argenta_bad-v1
– Custom Sets/dn-costumes-custom-so_argenta_bad-v1


Mods consists of:
– Resource00-mod-so-costume_school01_3-argenta.pak (Costume Mod)
– Resource00-mod-so-costume_school01_3-argenta.pak (Costume Mod)
– Resource00-mod-so_hair08-white.pak (Hair Mod)
– Resource00-so_normal-so_school01_03.pak (Costume)
– Resource00-ar_normal-so_school01_03.pak (Costume)

This is my crappy test with costume making. I was wondering how easy/hard it is to create a custom costume mod using graphics files from NPCs. The answer is: its very easy. Just do a bit of copy-pasting and skewing in Photoshop and you got a nice custom costume. EXCEPT, so_school was a VERY bad choice for a mod startpoint! V-neck, skirt, chest, and no cape means bad Argenta outfit! The result is a pretty crappy school outfit mod that I’m only releasing to inspire others to make a better one! ; 3

And no, I have no committed plans on actually making a proper costume mod. So do not ask, cause I will just ignore you ; ) This was just a test to demonstrate how easy it is to make a costume mod (it takes time, however, to make a GOOD costume mod).

For more information on how to create your own mods, see the Guides sub-forum.

Install instructions
(make sure to modify all instructions to include the version numbers for the zips)

1) Download the costume pack.
2) Extract the zip somewhere and open up the folder.
3) Copy the .pak files to your Dragon Nest install folder (e.g. “C:/Nexon/Dragon Nest/”)
4) Run Dragon Nest and put on the replaced costume (for default, remove all your costumes parts).
5) Exit Dragon Nest and mix-and-match until you’re satisfied ^_^
Note: Don’t forget to remove ALL mods before doing a game update – otherwise the update process might screw up (and you’ll have to re-install Dragon Nest)!


What is this?
These are mods to replace your in-game character costume with custom ones. All costumes used already exist in-game; these mods change specific costumes to use different skin files (and thus graphics) of the costume of your choice. In this custom costume case, some new graphics or graphic replacements are also introduced.

Is this legal?
All these mods are client-sided only, meaning they only affect what YOU see (not what others see). Apart from making your character look more awesome/badass/cute/etc., they do not affect actual gameplay. From what I’ve heard, Nexon frowns upon client mods but historically hasn’t banned anyone (except on Vindictus where they’ve banned for using nude mods apparently). Needless to say, use these mods at your own risk ;P

Can you make me a custom costume of xxx?
No. Use the Request subforums, but you’ll have a better chance following Guides and making one yourself.


DN 2011-09-09 00-46-20 Fri

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DN 2011-09-09 00-47-04 Fri

DN 2011-09-09 00-51-57 Fri

DN 2011-09-09 01-00-58 Fri

Happy modding!


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DragonNestMod Forums: http://dragonnestmods.com/forum/showthread.php?t=722

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